Social media platforms like Instagram can be a good place for people to gather. It can bring people who share similar interests together, and it can also be a place for people to make new friends. However, this is the internet we’re talking about which means that along with the good, you get the bad.


Many influencers have to deal with their fair share of toxic and troll comments whenever they post something online. For some, it might be easy to ignore these comments, but for others, it can bother them for days. So, instead of moderating comments, it might actually be better to just turn them off completely.

Turning Off Instagram Comments

  1. Launch Instagram
  2. Tap on the photo you want to disable comments on
  3. Tap the three dot icon at the top right corner
  4. Select Turn Off Commenting
  5. You’ll now notice that the post has not only hidden all previous comments, but will no longer allow users to make comments

The steps above work for posts that you’ve already made. It can also be applied to older posts as there doesn’t seem to be any kind of time limit, so you can go back to posts from years ago and disable comments if you want. However, if you’re looking to disable comments on new posts before it’s been posted:

  1. Right before you publish your post, tap on Advanced Settings
  2. Under Comments, toggle on “Turn Off Commenting”
  3. Share your post

If you change your mind later and want to allow comments on the new post, you can follow the previous set of instructions to turn on comments. So, if you’re finding that the comments are too much to handle, then turning them off will only take you a few seconds.


Unfortunately, no. Instagram’s current system does not allow you to turn off comments on all of your posts. If you wish to disable comments on all of your posts, you will need to go through them one by one and turn comments off per post. If you happen to have hundreds of posts, then this could take a while, but there’s no way around it, at least right now.


No. Turning off comments on Instagram posts will not delete them. If you’re turning off comments on an older post that already has comments, they will simply be hidden. When you turn comments back on, they will reappear. If you wish to delete comments, you’ll have to do so manually per post and per comment, but disabling them won’t do that.

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