Cuphead Could Be Headed For The PS4
When Cuphead was launched, it was initially exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows platforms. However, the good news for non-Xbox gamers is that if you own a PS4 and were hoping to see the game released for your console, you might be pleased to learn that your wish could be granted.

WhatsApp Could Soon Work Across Multiple Devices With The Same Number
Unlike apps like LINE, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp relies on a phone number as a personal identifier. This means that you are pretty much limited to just having WhatsApp on one device (not counting the web/desktop version of the app). This can be a bit troublesome if you own multiple devices that you’d like to receive messages on.

Microsoft’s Datacenters Are About To Get A Lot Greener
Due to the immense amount of data that companies like Microsoft need to process, it is not surprising that datacenters can get pretty resource intensive. This is obviously not very sustainable given current methods of powering them, which is why Microsoft has been testing out new ways to more sustainably manage their datacenters.

Canon Patents Lens Adapter With An Active Cooling System
If you’re just a casual photographer, there’s a very low chance that you might encounter an issue where your camera overheats. This usually happens to more professional photographers who might take photos non-stop or who record lengthy videos in high resolution. However, it seems that Canon might have an answer to that problem.


Netflix Will Expand On ‘The Witcher’ Franchise With A New Prequel Series
Ahead of the first season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” TV series being released, it was reported that the company was so pleased by what they saw that they renewed it for a second season. The first season was pretty well-received and it also led to Netflix announcing an animated movie based on the franchise.

Leaked Photo Hints At PS5’s Customizability
With the PS4, when you bought the console you would need to choose the color right out of the gate. This is because once the console is chosen, you would basically have to live with your color choice. However, Sony could be thinking of making a different approach with the upcoming PS5 console.

iPhone 12 A14 RAM Component Surfaces On Twitter
With the iPhone 11 sporting the A13 Bionic chipset, it is largely expected that with the iPhone 12, Apple could be introducing a new A14 chipset.  Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, although given the company’s previous releases, it almost feels like a guarantee that will happen.

Garmin Confirms Cyber Attack Had Disrupted Their Services
Over the weekend, it seems that Garmin’s services were disrupted as users were experiencing connectivity issues. It was speculated at that time that it could be due to a cyber attack, and now Garmin has shared additional information about what happened while confirming that they were indeed a victim of an external cyber attack.

Alleged 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Display Panels Leaked
There seems to be mounting evidence to suggest that Apple could be working on a smaller 5.4-inch iPhone 12. Save for the iPhone SE, Apple hasn’t really made that small of an iPhone in years so it is actually interesting to see the company return to a smaller form factor, and now thanks to a leak, it  looks like those rumors could be true.

Apple Starts Selling A Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cable For $129
We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be including a braided USB-C to Lightning cable in the iPhone 12’s packaging. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but it looks like there is evidence that it could be. This is because Apple has started to sell a braided Thunderbolt 3 cable in its online store.

New iMacs Could Be Released This Week
Apple has not refreshed its iMac lineup for quite a while now. It has actually been more than a year. We have been hearing rumors of a potential refresh, and it seems that the long-awaited refresh will apparently be happening this week. However, before you get too excited, there might be some disappointing news.

Qualcomm quick charge 5.0: full battery charge in 15mnEditor's Pick
Qualcomm’s quick charge standard is one of the most popular charging standards in the world, and quick charge 5.0 brings a corner-stone improvement to Qualcomm’s platform.

Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Will Be Hella Scary
While game designer Hideo Kojima was still working with Konami, he was developing a new Silent Hill title and even released a playing prototype called PT which quickly gained a cult following due to how creepy and scary it was. Now it seems that Kojima could be working on a new horror game that could be potentially even more scary.

Instagram Caught Always Accessing The Camera On iOS 14
There have been many who have theorized and come up with conspiracy theories that suggests that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are spying on us and listening to our conversations. How else would they have the ability to display ads for products and services we only just talked about?

Audi Tests Electric Car With Bi-Directional Charging
One of the reasons for creating electric cars is to help reduce the negative impact of mining for fossil fuels that power more traditional cars. Combine that with solar panels that can generate energy to charge our electric cars and it seems like a winning scenario, but now Audi wants to take things one step further with bi-directional charging.

iOS 14 Beta Seemingly Confirms A Smaller iPhone
According to the rumors, Apple is set to launch four iPhone models this year. What’s interesting is that one of the models, the base model to be exact, will come in a smaller 5.4-inch body compared to the 6.1-inch and 6.8-inch models. Save for the iPhone SE, Apple has not released a flagship iPhone in such a small body for a while now.

Amazon Wants You To Reuse Their Boxes To Make Cool Stuff
If you’ve ever bought things online, especially from Amazon, chances are you are left with a ton of empty and unused cardboard boxes. You could just throw them away or have them recycled, but what if you could actually reuse them to make something else out of them? This is something that Amazon wants its customers to try.

T-Mobile Will End Support For Non-VoLTE Devices In 2021
These days, 4G LTE has become the standard on the majority of smartphones out there. As a result, many devices are VoLTE compatible, but we imagine that there are probably still a handful of people out there that are still holding onto their older 3G-only devices. If you are, then you might want to take note of this.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Cam Now Supports HomeKit
The problem with a lot of smart home devices is that they all come with their own apps. This can be a pain if you have multiple devices and need to open individual apps to control them, which is why companies like Apple have developed their own platform in the form of HomeKit, which allows users to control all HomeKit compatible devices through a single interface.

NBA Fans Can Attend Games Virtually Using Microsoft Teams
With social distancing rules in effect, it means that things we used to do might no longer be possible, at least for now. This includes attending large gatherings like going to an NBA game. However, if you do enjoy the feel of being in an arena seated among other NBA fans who share your passion, Microsoft might have the solution.

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