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LG DX2000 monitor offers 3D glasses-free viewing experience
LG of South Korea has just announced yet another 3D glasses-free monitor, known as the DX2000. This will be a 20″ wonder, making you feel as though your Nintendo 3DS has just been blown up manifold times. There really isn’t any impetus at this moment to purchase a 3D glasses-free monitor simply because the number of software that supports stereoscopic 3D on the computer is clearly lacking in numbers. Still […]

iPhone 5 spotted with dual-cameras?
What are the odds the next iPhone will be featuring 3D-capabilities? Not very likely (Apple isn’t known to incorporate the latest technologies in its phones until they’ve been proven or refined) but if you’re willing to believe these photographs of what is said to be an iPhone 5 – the next iPhone might actually support 3D. The photographs shows a phone that looks a lot like the iPhone 4, except […]

3D chocolate printer hails from the UK
Can you say that the world is divided into two groups – those who love chocolates, and those who don’t? For our readers who fall under the former, here is some delicious news – UK scientists from the University of Exeter have managed to churn out a 3D chocolate printer, letting you print layers of chocolate instead of ink or plastic. This is one household appliance that I would definitely […]

Loewe Individual 3D TV Lets You Customize Its Looks
If you were wondering why Loewe has named their new range of televisions “Individual 3D”, it’s because apart from the obvious fact that it is a 3D display, the individual actually refers to the ability to change the television’s insets to a color of your own choosing. Colors that are available at the moment include metallised chrome, neon pink, ebony, blue, and more. You can also choose how to integrate the […]


Microsoft still not sure 3D has any value for the Xbox 360
To 3D or not to 3D? That is the question that Microsoft is asking itself. While competitors Sony and Nintendo are pushing 3D in the living room and on the go respectively, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has yet to actively support the extra layer of depth. According to Xbox senior product manager David Dennis, the company is taking a wait and see approach before putting its full weight behind the format. […]

Dolby announces 3D Kids' Glasses
3D movies are all the rage right now – pretty much every movie that involves a cartoon character is optimized for the 3D experience. While cinemas have 3D glasses in adult sizes that are designed to be “one size fits all”, it’s usually not the case with children. Most kids, especially really young ones have much smaller faces than other people. And smaller faces mean glasses that don’t fit properly, […]

Forget 3D, Bring On The "Smell-O-Vision"
3D television, movies, screens and gaming are all the rage these days and everyone just wants a piece of 3D which is great, but have you ever considered incorporating smell into your viewing experience? Researchers based in the University of California and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in Korea have been working on this idea for the past couple of years and they have recently managed to come up […]

Panasonic working on its first 3D home theater projector
In an official press release today, Panasonic Solutions Company has announced that it is currently working on a 3D ready, full HD, home theater projector that is a successor to the PT-AE4000U. The PT-AE4000U was Panasonic’s current home theater projector that makes use of the 2.35:1 wide aspect cinemascope view with its Lens Memory Feature. Panasonic’s next projector (currently unnamed) will feature 3D capabilities to bring a larger than life […]

What Would An iPad With 3D Display Look Like?
It seems that one of the manufacturers CPT, during the Display Taiwan show, managed to get their hands on a first generation iPad and modify its display, giving it a 3D display, producing what could pass off as an iPad with 3D display prototype. While they did not actually say it was an iPad, the stickers covering the Apple logo and various other related symbols and words on the back […]

Nintendo 3DS finally reaches 1 million in Japan
You can now let out that sigh you’ve been holding in since the Nintendo 3DS launched in late February because after 13 strenuous weeks, the 3D handheld has finally managed to move 1 million units – in Japan. Although the 3DS was not the runaway success Nintendo had hoped it would be, a strong lineup shown off at E3 including the likes of Mario Kart 3DS, Super mario 3D, The […]

Ingri:Dahl James: say goodbye to ugly 3D glasses
I’m sure most of you will know by now how ridiculous people look with cinema-provided 3D glasses during 3D movie screenings. Well, a pair of Norwegian twins decided to put their feet down and come up with an answer to the question, “Why do 3D glasses have to be so ugly?”Kine and Einy Paulsen have launched the Ingri:Dahl “James” 3D glasses. These designer 3D glasses are designed to be fashionable […]

CineXPlayer brings 3D movies to the iPad
Who says you need fancy displays or glasses to experience 3D content on your tablets these days? Well, if you own an iPad, that’s not the case anymore. NXP software has just launched the 2nd generation CineXPlayer that allows iPad users to enjoy the 3D movie experience, glasses-free. The catch? You’ll need to stick some GRilli3D overlay film on the screen of your tablet. Which sounds like a small price […]

HTC EVO 3D available June 24 at RadioShack
The HTC EVO 3D has been available for pre-order for quite some time now, without a confirmed release date, but judging from a RadioShack flyer discovered by the folks at Phandroid, June 24 seems to be the magical date the phone goes on sale. The dual-core phone that packs a glasses-free 3D display will be available for pre-order from the ‘Shack until June 21, a few days before it is […]

Toshiba launches high-end gaming Qosmio laptops
Looking for a laptop to satisfy your gaming needs? There are plenty of choices available right now, and Toshiba has just added one more to the mix. Called the Qosmio X770 and X770 3D, these gaming laptops have everything you need to enjoy your favorite games, and the X770 3D even includes a 3D capable display for the ultimate FPS experience or just great movies when you decide to just […]