Hasbro MY3D

The MY3D binoculars that allows viewers to experience 3D content on their iPhones was unveiled late last year. The handheld binoculars-like toy has now been given a release date and a confirmed price, and details about the MY3D-compatible apps have been released. In case you need a refresher, the MY3D will allow you to see 3D content on your iPhone or iPod touch through its special lens designed to view specially developed apps (that can be obtained from the app store). Through the lens of the MY3D, users can immerse themselves in 3D content just by using their iOS device. The apps that will be available at launch include: MY3D PRESENTS…(for viewing 3D movie trailers, cool demos and more), MY3D  360° SHARKS (explore and hunt the ocean through the eyes of a shark), MY3D SECTOR 17 (an alien shooter game), MY3D TELEPORT L.A. (explore Los Angeles attractions) and more. The MY3D will go on sale at Target outlets nationwide for $34.99 on April 3.

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