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Asus MeMo glasses-free 3D tablet at Computex 2011
Stereoscopic 3D technology is being pushed by many consumer electronics manufacturers as the next frontier for your living room, and we have seen models which feature active shutter as well as passive shutter glasses, but the next big step would be to enjoy 3D viewing without the need to wear those glasses. Such thinking has seen prototypes being developed, and the same applies for computer monitors and now, tablets.3D tablets […]

NVIDIA Quad-Core Tegra Gets a Glowing DEMO (+Video)
NVIDIA GlowBall - NVIDIA is demonstrating its quad-core Tegra chip named Kal-El (a reference to Superman) with the Glowball demo. To most users, the tech demo shows, well, a glowing ball that rolls around

NVIDIA 3D Vision wired glasses
[Computex] NVIDIA has just announced the launch of its NVIDIA 3D Vision wired glasses, a more cost-effective version of the 3D Vision active shutter glasses. With a maximum suggested retail price of $99 (MSRP), the wired glasses are indeed cheaper than their infra-red wireless counterpart (no battery, overall simpler). In return, you get a hanging wire on the left side. I tried it, and it’s OK if you don’t move […]

YouTube 3D video now supported by NVIDIA 3D Vision
For folks who have 3D capable computers using NVIDIA 3D Vision hardware, but have run out of 3D content to watch or games to play can rejoice – investing in that 3D setup wasn’t a waste after all. NVIDIA has just announced today that users will be able to enjoy YouTube’s 3D channel in stereoscopic 3D with their NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs and notebooks.“We’re excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM […]


Pioneer Floating Vision display lets you "touch" 3D visuals
Pioneer recently showed off a new technology called its “Floating Vision” display – the glasses-free 3D display that lets users interact with the floating images, offering a totally brand new input experience. The display, which Pioneer plans to use in their future car navigation systems, looks like a whole bunch load of fun to play around with – users can push icons onto a map to make different locations show […]

Are 3D movies losing appeal?
According to an analyst as reported by the Home Media Magazine, it looks like 3D movies are losing their appeal. Judging by the latest sales figures of Pirates of the Caribbean – the movie has been doing pretty well in the box office. But of the revenue made by the movie – only 38% was from ticket sales of the movie in 3D.  Compared to movies released in the same […]

Nissho announces 52" glasses-free 3D TV
The 3D phenomenon has not taken off in such a big way – perhaps the adoption rate is rather slow because the masses don’t really see the need for it – not to mention those 3D systems that rely on active shutter glasses have a higher cost of entry, especially when you want to outfit your family with their own pair of 3D glasses. Well, Nissho Electronics has decided to […]

HTC EVO 3D priced $200 at the RadioShack
While we still haven’t gotten official word about a release date and price for the upcoming HTC EVO 3D (even though we have two ways to pre-order), it looks like the RadioShack have gone ahead and priced the device themselves. And surprisingly – it’s not too pricey at all! If you thought this glasses-free 3D display-toting dual-core 4G beast was going to break the bank, you’re in for a treat. […]

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One hits stores on October 18
Clamoring for new Ratchet & Clank news? Sony dropped a bomb today with news that the Insomniac developed platformer will land on store shelves for the PlayStation 3 on October 18. Don’t know who Ratchet & Clank are? Well, let’s just say they’re like the unofficial mascot for Sony’s platform games. Think Super Mario, but without the little plumber.For the first time ever in a Ratchet & Clank game, players […]

Volumetric 3D HUD deliver augmented reality to your vehicle
HUD (Heads Up Display) technology is not new and has been around in cars for some years already, but how many of them have taken the 3D leap? This unique HUD will rely on lasers to project 3D graphics in your vehicle, and it might just pave the way for future automotive GPS systems. The 2011 Augmented Reality Expo saw the first prototype of this volumetric HUD, where it actually […]

Kinect + snow globe lets you view objects in 360 degrees
Taking visual media to the next level, the folks over at Queens University have come up with a way to utilize the Kinect for viewing objects in 3D. Making use of two Kinect motion controllers, a giant snow globe, a 3D HD projector, and some additional hardware and software, the students managed to create a display for users to view and rotate objects in 3D. Users can spin and object […]

Toshiba introduces Qosmio X770 gaming laptop
Toshiba has just launched a new laptop aimed at gamers and it sure has the looks to match its internals. Called the Qosmio X770, this laptop features high-end specs to make running the latest games a breeze on the machine. It features a 17.3″ display (1920 x 1080) for full HD entertainment, while its Intel Core i7-2630QM processor make sure things chug along smoothly.It will also have 8GB of RAM, […]

Cheaper 3D printer from Vienna University of Technology
A research team over at the Vienna University of Technology have managed to achieve what could very well usher in the age of cheap 3D printers in homes across America. This device is touted to reproducetiny, tailor-made 3D-objects at home, using nothing but blueprints that are downloaded from the Internet. The Vienna prototype will be different from current 3D printers, as this prototype is smaller than a carton of milk, […]

Sharp Aquous Phone SH-12C Android smartphone packs 3D cameras
Pioneers of the world’s first glasses-free 3D smartphone, Sharp are back with another Android phone. Called the Aquos Phone SH-12C, this Android device is designed to let you enjoy 3D content while on the go, and will even let you create your own if you get bored of what you have. But what sets this phone apart from other devices capable of shooting 3D footage is that it packs dual […]