French Nintendo 3DS

According to the folks at Akihabara News, some folks in France will be able to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS gaming console a few days before the official European release – if they have connections to the right people. It wasn’t mentioned why or how it happens, which is assumed to be for the protection of the people involved? But they’ve uploaded a few photographs of the French version of the device. The Nintendo 3DS is the world’s first 3D glasses-free handheld gaming console and it looks to be one of the hottest selling consoles of all time – with a day 1 sell-out in Japan and Amazon UK reporting it to have the highest number of pre-orders for a gaming console on their store. So if you want to get your hands on the device before March 25 – start asking around or be prepared to stand in line just to make sure you get one.

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