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iPhone 4S battery not as good as iPhone 4?
Apart from Apple’s brand new iPhone 4S featuring an A5 dual-core processor, one of the features boasted by Apple regarding the iPhone 4S is its supposed longer lasting battery, which we guess can help seal the deal for some who may be worried about battery life on their smartphones. Unfortunately based on tests conducted by iLounge during their review of the phone, revealed that the supposed longer lasting battery only […]

Sony to release 3G Tablet S, Tablet P in Japan 28th October
If you’re living in Japan, the good news is that Sony’s first Android tablet offerings, the Tablet S and the Tablet P will start being offered in a 3G version come October 28th, and they will be available on Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. This seems to be slightly ahead of Sony’s plans, which initially had the company launching 3G versions of their Android tablet offerings some time in November, but […]

Samsung reportedly charging Apple 2.4% per 3G chip
A few days ago we reported that Samsung was reported to have requested for a ban of the iPhone and 3G iPad in the Netherlands, claiming that Apple had infringed upon their patents which included a form of wireless technology used for 3G communications, which explains why the WiFi-only iPad was left untouched. In our report we stated that Apple had scheduled a meeting with Samsung on Monday in order […]

3G iPod touch rumors surface again
One of the key differences between the iPod touch and iPhone, apart from hardware, is that the iPod touch lacks the ability to make phone calls or go online via 3G. Apart from that both devices run on identical operating systems and both have access to pretty much all the same apps, which is why the idea of a 3G capable iPod touch is probably not a stretch of the […]


"Near final" build of iOS reportedly in carrier testing
There has been word that iOS 5 is reaching its final build, and the rumors are suggesting that selected carriers have been given the “near final” build of iOS 5 for testing. We’re not sure if this implies that the iPhone 5 is nearing as well, but for those who are more interested in iOS 5, it appears that there are several key features in iOS 5 that are reportedly […]

Sweden 3G coverage is tops
Are you sick and tired of your smartphone dropping 3G signals from time to time? Well, do you blame your mobile carrier or your handset? Folks living in Sweden need not fret about dropped signals though – it seems that 99.6% of the country’s population is capable of accessing 3G wireless broadband coverage, at least that is what a report by the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency (PTS) claims.Sweden is […]

Apple patent suggest antenna hidden under the keys
A couple of days ago we reported that a prototype MacBook Pro that sported a 3G antenna was seen on eBay, and just a few days after that, an Apple patent was released that suggested something similar, albeit improved upon.

Apple MacBook Pro 3G prototype strikes eBay
Once in a while, something interesting crops up on sites such as eBay and Craigslist, and this time around the former was spotted carrying a prototype of the MacBook 3G from Apple. Yes sir, you won’t find any bloke looking suspicious of everyone else in the bar, looking out for a particular tech blog editor and intending to make a quick buck out of the situation. No sir, this prototype […]

Ouku Night 3G makes the jump from obscurity
With a gazillion Android-powered tablets already in the market, what is another one more to enter the fray, huh? Here is the Ouku Night 3G which is available from online retailer, where it will run on the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. It is a shame, really, considering how nearly everyone else has already moved to the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform for smartphones, with a bunch of tablet owners […]

FaceTime coming to Verizon's 3G network
According to the latest reports online, Verizon users might soon be able to make FaceTime calls over 3G’s sources have claimed that the Verizon has multiple engineers testing FaceTime over 3G in many regions that have heavy iPhone usage. Witnesses who have seen 3G FaceTime in action on Verizon’s network said that the quality looks fairly good – apparently the carrier has been optimizing its network to give a […]

Optus allows you to record and playback free-to-air television shows while on the go
If you enjoy watching free-to-air television shows on your local television channels, and you were hoping that you could record and playback those shows on your 3G mobile devices, it looks like Australian telco Optus might have the solution for you.

Next iPod Touch to have 3G-capabilities?
If Apple has plans to blur the lines between its iDevices – especially the iPhone and iPod Touch, this next rumor might turn out to be true. According to, a Dutch tech site, there are rumors about the next iPod Touch being able to support the usage of 3G SIM cards. The iPod Touch is said to work just like the iPad carrying a SIM card – like a […]

Option Unveils VIU2, A Plug And Play 3G Security Camera
Belgium based 3G modem vendor, Option, has announced today their plans for a new plug and play 3G security camera, which they have dubbed the VIU2. They claim the camera is easy to set up and can be used in any environment – all the user would have to do is select their desired location for the camera, plug in the power cable and they’re good to go. The camera […]

Nova Media iCON 461 3G data stick modem is unlocked
You not only have locked phones in some parts of this world that are “stuck” to a particular carrier, but data stick modems are also part of the equation. Not anymore, if Nova Media has their way thanks to the Mac OS X-friendly iCON 461 3G data stick modem that will be completely unlocked, letting it play nice with more or less the majority of 2G or 3G networks worldwide. […]