3G Facetime

According to the latest reports online, Verizon users might soon be able to make FaceTime calls over 3G 9to5Mac.com’s sources have claimed that the Verizon has multiple engineers testing FaceTime over 3G in many regions that have heavy iPhone usage. Witnesses who have seen 3G FaceTime in action on Verizon’s network said that the quality looks fairly good – apparently the carrier has been optimizing its network to give a good FaceTime video call experience.

However, according to the sources as well, there is some bad news: the 3G FaceTime feature might be limited to users with tiered 3G plans. Apparently Apple and Verizon haven’t been able to come to an agreement over who gets 3G FaceTime. Verizon only wants its customers with tiered data plans to get 3G FaceTime, while Apple wants everyone (both unlimited and tiered users). Apple’s reasoning is so that everybody gets the same experience on the network using the iPhone, while Verizon wants to limit the amount of calls made over 3G in order to maintain the quality of the network for all its users – I guess they assume that if unlimited data users get to use FaceTime over 3G, they’ll be forever hogging the bandwidth.

But seeing how there are no more new unlimited plans for 3G data, (all new customers have to sign up for tiered data plans) it’s not really going to be an issue in the future, but it’s for all those loyal customers with unlimited plans who will be missing out on such a great iPhone 4 feature. But let’s hoe that won’t be the case. Loyal Verizon customers – keep those fingers crossed.

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