iPod Touch

If Apple has plans to blur the lines between its iDevices – especially the iPhone and iPod Touch, this next rumor might turn out to be true. According to AppleSpot.nl, a Dutch tech site, there are rumors about the next iPod Touch being able to support the usage of 3G SIM cards. The iPod Touch is said to work just like the iPad carrying a SIM card – like a data-only iPhone.

Now we know it’s a pretty farfetched rumor, considering if Apple pulls it off, there will be even less reasons for people to buy an iPhone over the iPod Touch, considering how it’s possible to rely 100% on data nowadays. Users can make calls through Skype, send texts through apps like TextFree, and it would probably be cheaper than having a monthly bill for regular phone service.

There are no sources to back up the rumor of the site, but it leads to an interesting question for us to mull over – do you could survive in today’s world with just a data plan on your mobile device?

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