3M Littmann Bluetooth Stethoscope

We are pretty surprised that it took this long for a stethoscope to go the way of hands-free headsets, picking up Bluetooth technology in the process. 3M ensures this happens by working with Zargis Medical, where their partnership resulted in the 3M Littmann Bluetooth Stethoscope. As the name implies, it increases the physician’s ability to get more out of an exam, boasting the capability of transfering recordings to a computer so that one can have a historical set of audio playback for future analysis, or perhaps even share selective sounds with colleagues for a second opinion. You get 24x sound amplification and proprietary Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) Technology with each of the 3M Littmann Bluetooth Stethoscope, but it can’t be used to tune in to Lady Gaga’s latest on your iPod.

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