Sony first announced its new 4K streaming service at the International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and the company has revealed today when it’s going to be launched in the United States. As the name suggests, the service will enable subscribers to stream content in 4K Ultra High Definition, and for that, they will not only require a 4K TV but also a good enough internet connection that’s able to stream content in 4K.

Ultra, Sony’s new 4K UHD movie streaming service, is going to be launched in the United States on April 4th. It will be available on the company’s 4K UHD TVs powered by Android TV.

The service will provide users with a variety of movies for purchase and playback in 4K UHD resolution, many titles will also include support for High Dynamic Range and Digital Extras at no additional cost.

Sony hasn’t implemented a Netflix-like model here, customers don’t pay a monthly subscription to access content, instead they have to purchase individual 4K titles for $30 each. Purchased items are then streamed to the TV, they can’t be downloaded because the TVs don’t have enough storage onboard to storage a full movie in 4K.

Ultra is compatible with UltraViolet so users will be able to link their new Ultra profile to UltraViolet and stream Sony Pictures content they have previously purchased or redeemed through UV-compatible retailers like Vudu, and others.

Customers who have purchased one of Sony’s new 4K TVs will get four 4K titles for free when they sign up for Ultra. Sony hasn’t confirmed as yet if Ultra will be available on the PlayStation 4, it wouldn’t be surprising since the company is believed to be working on a 4K PlayStation 4, but it has hinted at the possibility of allowing users to rent 4K titles through Ultra.

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