With YouTube Gaming approaching sometime later this summer, leaders like Amazon and Twitch should get ready to face more competition. Another competition is going to surface from Hitbox, which is a startup but has been in the arena for a while.

Hotbox is planning to enable live streaming games by using 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, which is more than what YouTube or any other service is planning to come up for now. With that kinda super HD resolution sailing at 60 frames second, games are set to become even more larger than life.

When talking about visuals, games now-a-days have become more of a visual treat with high-end graphics and processing. Keeping the visual requirements in mind, Hitbox’s new step could prove to be fruitful for the company and can also earn it support from the games developers. Having said that, although Hitbox is offering 4K support, but it does involves bandwidth limitations, which presently is 3,600 Kbps and 4K can easily hog on to 9,000 Kbps.

All being said, the 4K support does attracts us and with the availability of 4K televisions and high-speed internet connectivity, the idea of playing games in double HD resolution would be more than a gamer could ask for. In the near future, with the efforts being put by giants like Twitch and YouTube, if live streaming games becomes a trend then we could see Hitbox earning extra brownie points with its faster approach to 4K streaming.

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