With Apple’s new M1 chipsets, many professionals are wondering how it holds up compared to Intel’s processors. After all, Intel has been more or less the industry standard for a while, and changing to a brand new platform could have the potential to negatively impact a professional’s workflow.

To that end, CNET’s Andrew Hoyle, a professional photographer, decided to put the M1 to the test by running some tasks in apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, and the results are surprising. Running the Rosetta 2 translated version of Photoshop, he found that it took his MacBook Pro nearly 2.5 minutes to align 19 full-res RAW images and merge them into a focus-stacked image.

On his “exceptionally powerful PC” which is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950 X CPU and NVIDIA’s RTX Titan GPU with 128GB of RAM, it took about 1.1 minutes. However, performing the same task using the M1 optimized version of Photoshop, which is currently in beta, it took 69.5 seconds, a hair faster than the AMD PC with considerably more expensive hardware.

He then ran a test which involved exporting a full HD video with Premiere and found that the Rosetta 2 translated version took over 6 minutes, whereas the M1 optimized version took a little over 3 minutes. However, in this instance, it is clear that the AMD PC with an NVIDIA GPU was the winner as it took just 80 seconds.

The conclusion? While Apple’s M1 chipset is certainly powerful and can hold its own to more traditional computer builds, it is clear that there is still room for improvement, which Apple could make in the rumored M1X chipset.

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