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Adobe Will Make Speeding Up Lightroom A Priority
When it comes to the post-processing of photos, Adobe’s Lightroom is one of the most-used programs around. However just because it is the most-used doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. Sure, it comes with a ton of features and robust editing options, but if there is one complaint many Lightroom users seem to have is that it feels slow.

Adobe Scan App Turns Receipts Into Editable PDFs
When it comes to apps that can scan your receipts or documents onto your phone, there are plenty of options to choose from. However that did not stop Adobe from tossing their hat into the ring with their latest release in the form of the Adobe Scan, and what sets the app aside from the rest is that these are PDFs you can actually edit.

Adobe Figured Out How To Copy A Photo Style From One Picture To Another
If you’ve spent a fair amount of time editing photos, you know that you can save your edits as presets and use them to apply to photos in the future, assuming that you want them all to look a particular way. This saves photographers and editors a lot of time, especially if there is a certain theme or style that they want their photos to look like.

FedEx Offering Customers $5 For The Inconvenience Of Using Flash
It is no secret that the Flash standard is no longer the darling of the internet. Many companies have announced their plans to eventually phase out its use from their websites if they haven’t already, with many turning to HTML5 which is more or less the standard for today. However some websites still use Flash, and FedEx is one of them.


Lightroom For Mobile Updated With Raw HDR Capture
Adobe’s Lightroom for mobile app already supports Raw images, but if you’re looking to go beyond what is being offered, you’ll be pleased to learn that Adobe has announced that their Lightroom Mobile app has been updated with a new feature in the form of Raw HDR capture mode.

Adobe Android Apps Being Optimized For Chromebooks
Google has given Chromebooks the ability to run Android apps and to show that it’s very serious about this functionality, the company announced yesterday that all Chromebooks released from 2017 onwards will have support for the Play Store straight out of the box. However, just because Android apps can work on Chromebooks doesn’t mean they’re going to work well. Developers have to do their bit by optimizing their apps and […]

Adobe Looking Into Using Your Voice To Make Photo Edits
Voice assistant platforms at the moment can do a lot of things for us, such as schedule meetings, set alarms, order a Uber, call for a pizza, send messages, and so on. However what if in the future voice assistants could do more complex tasks? What if in the future all you had to do was sit back and use your voice to edit photos?

Microsoft Edge To Start Blocking Flash By Default Next Year
Earlier this month we reported that Google had updated its Chrome browser to disable Adobe’s Flash by default. Given the various security scares we’ve had, and with many websites now starting to switch to HTML5, it made perfect sense. However for non-Chrome users, those changes are coming your way in the near future, especially if you use the Edge browser.

Photoshop Gets Touch Bar Support On New MacBook Pro
Apple recently launched the new MacBook Pro which features something no other MacBook Pro has ever had: a multi-touch display which replaces the function key row at the very top of the keyboard. Since it’s a proper display, it’s dynamic and can do so much more than a row of keys. Apple has opened up the Touch Bar to third-party developers to extend app functionality and Adobe is now following […]

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Updated With One-Handed Usage
Due to our smartphones having bigger screens than before, there are probably quite a few users out there who are no longer able to use their phones with one hand as effectively as before. This can be troublesome when you need to tend to something especially if your other hand is occupied.

Latest Chrome Update Will Disable Flash Automatically
It is no secret that Flash has pretty much lost its darling status as a tool for web developers. Heralded back in the day as being a means of bringing new multimedia content onto the web, the protocol has in recent years fallen to the wayside due to a bunch of security issues, and the fact that HTML5 has pretty much superseded it.

Black Friday 2016 Online Sales Hit $3 Billion
It’s the same story every year. We see monumental growth in online sales come Black Friday and the story remains the same this year as well. According to a new report by Adobe which has been tracking sales transactions throughout this holiday sales event, Black Friday 2016 online sales hit $3 billion and broke many records in the process. More than $1 billion worth of orders were placed via mobile […]

Adobe Promotes 360/VR Video Editing At Inter Bee 2016
After announcing VR Editing in Adobe Premiere back in April 2016, Adobe formally introduced the feature a bit later in the spring. Adobe is now on the show floor of Inter Bee 2016 (a professional broadcast trade show in Tokyo, Japan) to demonstrate and promote VR Editing in Japan, a country where 360 cameras have sparked a lot of interest among professionals.

Adobe Lightroom For Android Finally Gets Proper RAW Support
Adobe brought proper RAW support to Lightroom for iOS earlier this year and while the move was welcomed, Android users were left out because the company said this feature would arrive for them at a later date. They had to make do with the DNG RAW format, until today. Adobe has sent out a new update that brings full RAW support to Lightroom for Android. The wait is finally over […]