It is no secret that the Flash standard is no longer the darling of the internet. Many companies have announced their plans to eventually phase out its use from their websites if they haven’t already, with many turning to HTML5 which is more or less the standard for today. However some websites still use Flash, and FedEx is one of them.

Now we’re not sure why FedEx has yet to update their system, but for now customers looking to use the company’s services to print labels will have to use Flash via the company’s website. We suppose this isn’t really that big of a deal, but for those who have disabled Flash or are using browsers that have disabled Flash by default, this means having to turn it on, and for that “inconvenience”, FedEx wants to give them a discount.

According to FedEx’s website, “In order to enable Flash and continue with your FedEx Office print purchase, please update your browser using the simple steps provided below. As a thank you for your patience and for being a valued FedEx Office customer, please use ‘FLA726’ at checkout to receive $5 off on orders over $30.”

It is a rather interesting move by FedEx and we guess customers can probably appreciate the discount anyway, but hopefully this will change in the future as the company should probably start making the transition to HTML5.

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