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Adobe’s Project VoCo Could Be The ‘Photoshop’ For Audio
Adobe’s Photoshop is a tool used by many professionals in the photography and graphics editing industry. It lets users touch up photos as well as manipulate them by erasing certain objects, adding objects, merging photos, and so on. Now it looks like Adobe wants to be able to do the same for speeches by announcing Project VoCo.

Lightroom For iOS Updated To Capture RAW Images
For professional photographers, capturing images in RAW is generally preferred. This is because RAW images aren’t compressed unlike JPEG files, meaning that they retain a certain quality about them that photographers can further edit and manipulate either without worrying about degrading the quality further.

Adobe Lightroom Released For Apple TV
Adobe today announced the launch of Lightroom for Apple TV. Adobe’s goal with Lightroom is to enable users to enjoy their photography and allow them to share it with anyone with the best possible quality across multiple devices. Now that’s possible on the big screen with Adobe Lightroom for Apple TV. The app has been released today for Apple’s set-top box.

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Lets You Edit RAW Files On Your Phone
For the average photographer who just wants to capture images, shooting exclusively in JPEG is fine. However for photographers who are a bit more fussy about how their images turn out in post-processing might choose to shoot in RAW which gives them a greater degree of flexibility to make adjustments later.


Best PDF Readers (Free, All Platforms)
Portable Document Format a.k.a PDF is a commonly used format for ebooks, digital forms, and online magazines. Adobe Systems developed this popular format in the early 1990s to share documents among different platforms. Adobe also offers its Adobe PDF Reader to view and edit PDF file. However, there are plenty of options out there. Check out the best PDF Readers available in the market today.

Next Adobe Photoshop CC Update Will Have Smarter Cropping Tools
Have you ever tried to straighten and crop a photo before? If you have, you know that in the process of doing so, you will lose out some details in the images, especially around the corners of the photo. This is pretty much what photographers and image editors have had to deal with all these years, but maybe not for long.

Adobe To Start Warning Users If They Are Using Pirated Software
Compared to productivity software, video games are considered relatively cheap but yet people still pirate them anyway (or at least they try to). So it really does not come as a surprise that when it comes to productivity software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, there are many users who would rather pirate the software than paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to own it.

Microsoft Edge To Start Pausing Less Important Flash Content
While Flash might have been an instrumental tool in web development back in the day, these days the feature seems to provide a fair amount of security headaches for web developers. In fact last year, Google announced that they would begin to pause Flash files that they deem not important. The idea is that it will help improve the experience for users.

Leica Will No Longer Bundle Adobe Lightroom With Their Cameras
Leica cameras are expensive for many reasons, such as craftsmanship, image quality, branding, and etc. However there are certain perks of purchasing a Leica camera and that is it also comes bundled with Adobe Lightroom, an image post-processing software that many professionals typically turn to.

Adobe: Phablets Starting To Replace Tablets For Web Usage
Back when smartphone screens were tiny, tablets made perfect sense. They were lighter than laptops and had screens bigger than a smartphone, meaning that a tablet was an ideal device to surf the web on, at least last time. However today we have smartphones with displays as big as 6-inches, so the question is, are tablets still necessary?

Lightroom For Android Can Now Shoot RAW Photos
Adobe has released a big update for Lightroom for Android, the update brings this app at par with its iOS counterpart, with new features being added that include haze removal and split toning. These features were added to Lightroom for iOS last year so it’s about time that Adobe brought them over for Android as well. It has also added an entirely new feature to the Android app which takes […]

Adobe Drops Creative Cloud Update
Better late than never, but even more efficient than that would be to have things run earlier – and that is what Adobe has done with the removal of a faulty Adobe Creative Cloud update that apparently deletes users’ files from root directories, and to say the least, the files deleted were important ones, and to have them disappear digitally without requiring any permission from users is quite a worrisome […]

Flash Expected To Be Dead In 2 Years
Flash was a much beloved format for the web back in the day. It led to some pretty interesting web design, and also introduced a new way for people to play games in their browser. However fast forward to today, Flash has slowly been replaced by other formats and according to a report from (via The Verge), it could soon be dead.

Adobe Voice For iPhone Introduced
Adobe intends to underline the fact that they have received their fair share of different requests over the course of time, and the company does do something about all of these requests as they are sensitive to customers’ needs. For instance, one particular request from the the Voice community over the past one year is this: MORE VOICE! With the iPad having proven its mantle in telling and sharing stories […]