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AI Powered Sensor Can Detect Heart Failure In Advance
Our smartwatches have gotten pretty good at being able to detect heart problems, or at least notify the wearer that something could be wrong. This is great because these are problems that might not have been picked up until it is too late, and we have heard multiple stories of how people have had their lives saved due to early detection.

Sony, Prophesee Announce Development Of Stacked Event-Based Vision Sensor
One of the main hardware components that helps determine how good a camera captures images is its sensor. While the marketing department of companies tend to focus on the megapixel mount of the sensors, there is more to it than that, where there have been innovations made that we think might be more interesting than the camera’s resolution.

AI Helps Discover Powerful New Antibiotics That Can Fight Drug-Resistant Strains
Whenever you suffer from an infection, doctors generally prescribe antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics is that it’s a seemingly never-ending game of whack-a-mole, where what might work today, might not work the next. This is because bacteria mutates and evolves where it eventually gets to the point that the antibiotic you took might not work anymore.

Indian Politician Uses AI To Translate His Speech Into Other Languages
One of the problems with AI these days is that it can be used to create deepfakes. Unlike regular photoshopping or video editing, deepfakes are harder to detect and can come across more realistic, thus making it dangerous (although in some cases, highly entertaining).


Chatbots Help Foil The Attempts Of Sex Traffickers
Sex trafficking is a pretty huge deal and one that many law enforcement agencies around the world and various organizations are trying to put a stop to. However, it looks like at least temporarily, might have foiled the efforts of sex traffickers, thanks to the work of a non-profit group that employed the use of chatbots.

AI Can Now Be Used To Automatically Rewrite Outdated Text In Wikipedia Entries
One of the reasons why Wikipedia is so successful is that it relies largely on user contributions. This allowed the platform to grow and populate with all manner of articles and content. However, the problem is that sometimes certain articles might not be updated with the latest information or text, meaning that there might be times you come across a Wikipedia entry with outdated text.

AI-Enabled Eye Tracking Can Help Monitor Multiple Sclerosis
Right now, there are no specific tests that can detect multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease. Instead, to diagnose the issue in patients, a series of tests are required to rule out other possible conditions, which involve blood tests, an MRI, and in some instances, a spinal tap (which can be a painful process).

Music Label Will Use AI To Find The Next Big Hit
How do record labels know who will sell and become the next big hit? This is mostly due to A&R scouts who go out and look for up and coming musicians that they believe have what it takes to become the next biggest music artist. However, it seems that maybe the job of an A&R scout could be coming to an end.

Using AI To Find Aliens May Not Be A Good Idea
Normally researchers look for biological signs to spot extraterrestrial life.Also, to make it easy, some focus on to look for technosignatures. Some even consider the search for extraterrestrial life as the search for technosignatures.We wouldn’t be too sure about how it works, but it looks like if you’re using AI to look for aliens, it may not be a good idea.A new research paper hints that AI could potentially trick […]

This Film From 1896 Was Upscaled To 4K Using AI
You know those police drama shows where they zoom in on a photo or video, and magically it becomes sharper and clearer instead of more pixelated? It looks like that technology is slowly becoming a reality, and more recently it has been demonstrated in a film that was shot back in 1896 that was upscaled to 4K using AI.

Google Photos Testing A Print Subscription Service
Digital photos are great because they don’t take up physical space and you can access them from anywhere. However, there are some who might argue that holding and looking through physical photos can feel a lot better and more personal. If you’re interested in getting your digital photos printed, Google Photos might have something for you.

Apple Reportedly Pulls Its AI From The Pentagon’s Drone Program
Apple isn’t exactly known for having military contracts. The closest they have ever gotten was when they teamed up with the Pentagon to develop high-tech wearables for the military. However, the company did find themselves with a military contract when they acquired AI startup,

Google’s AI Can Translate Sign Language Into Speech
Google Translate already does a pretty decent job at translating one language to another, but what about non-written methods of communication, such as sign language? Sign language is a skill that has to be learned, but according to Google, they have managed to develop an AI that is capable of interpreting those signs and converting it into speech.

AI Predicted The Wuhan Virus Outbreak Before Everyone Else Did
As many of you are familiar by now, there is an outbreak of a new coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China. It is a pretty serious issue as it seems that despite the best efforts by China, the virus has managed to spread to various parts of the world and there have also been reports of infections in the US.