Training AI Models Might Be Less Environmentally-Friendly Than We Think

There is a lot of focus and emphasis placed on tech that is sustainable. This is because our resources are finite, meaning that there will eventually come a point in time where a certain resource is no longer available. Plus, we also need to think in the long-run, where our actions today will no doubt have an impact on the generations to come.

This Sensor-Packed Glove Could Help Computers Identify Objects By Touch

Built into our hands are nerves which sends signals to the brain to let it know what we’re touching. For example, it lets our brain know if an object we touched is cold, is hard, software, sharp, and so on. However, how does one convey those kinds of information to a computer who does not come with similar nerves?

Traffic Lights In The Future Might Be Able To Predict When You Want To Cross The Street

It has been suggested many times in the past that a lot of the buttons we push on a daily basis may simply do nothing at all, and instead, they are placebos meant to give us the impression that we’ve done something. This includes the pedestrian crossings at traffic lights, where it is presumed that if you pressed the button, the lights would turn to red and cars would stop […]

Microsoft Develops AI-Based Text-To-Speech That Required Very Little Training

Text-to-speech tech isn’t exactly new, although the downside is that for the most part, the current iteration of the technology isn’t very realistic. This means that if you’re hoping for text-to-speech to simulate actual human conversations, that might be a pretty hard task to accomplish.


Sony Camera Sensors Could Come Integrated With AI In The Future

When it comes to a camera’s capabilities, there are many factors involved that helps create a high-quality image. For example, the lens of the camera needs to be good, the software used to process the image, and the sensors used by the camera as well. However, it seems that in the future, there is a chance that Sony’s camera sensors could get a boost with AI.

Samsung’s Deepfake AI Can Create A Video Of You Using A Single Photo

Deepfake videos have been making their rounds on the internet, and safe to say that they are deeply disturbing at how realistic some of them are. However, it seems that Samsung has taken the technique involved and making it even better where they have developed an algorithm that can actually create an entire animated video of you using just a single photograph.

Google Has An AI That Helps Clean Up Trashy Videos On YouTube

YouTube is home to millions of videos due to the ease of uploading them to its platform where anyone can upload a video at anytime they want. However, more often than not, many of us have probably encountered instances where videos end up being clickbait or are misleading, leaving us frustrated in the process.

Google Develops AI That Can Detect Lung Cancer More Efficiently

There is a reason why doctors encourage patients to go for regular health checkups. This is because if problems are detected early on, they can either be cured or their progression can be slowed down. But even then, doctors are only humans and can sometimes make mistakes or miss certain things.

Microsoft Invests Heavily Into AI For Accessibility

Out of the many tech companies out there today, Microsoft is one of the few that seems to be publicly looking at ways to improve the accessibility of its products to make it more usable for people with disabilities. For example, the company launched the Xbox Adaptive Controller last year designed for people with disabilities.

Google’s Translatotron Takes Translations To The Next Level

Google’s translation feature works pretty well and is a decent way of translating text and speech. However, what’s typically lost in the process of a translation is the way that the words were originally spoken, and since a lot of inference is made based on the speed of someone talks and the tone, this can sometimes lead to confusion.

MIT Develops AI Model That Can Predict Breast Cancer

There is the saying that claims that prevention is better than cure. Basically, the idea is that if you can prevent something from happening to you, it would be better than trying to fix it. This is especially true when it comes to our health, where there might be certain instances in which a cure won’t always return you back to the way you were before.

Google Uses AI To Generate Personalized Poems Tailored To You

The beauty of poetry is that it can be interpreted in many different ways, where depending on your outlook, poems could be read in a happy voice, sad voice, or angry voice. However, if you’ve always wanted a poem that was created specifically for you, Google is here to help with the use of AI.

Google’s CallJoy Is An AI-Powered Phone Operator For Small Businesses

Last year, Google announced Duplex, an AI-powered service that would allow a computer to call a business and make a booking for you. It sounded freakishly real and now Google is back with another similar service called CallJoy. However, unlike Duplex which seems aimed towards consumers, CallJoy is more for business owners, or to be more specific, small business owners.

Walmart Opens Its AI Powered Store To The Public

As if Walmart did not already need to compete with Amazon on the digital front, more recently it seemed like Walmart would need to compete on the physical front as well where Amazon started to test out AI-powered grocery stores, where customers could walk in, grab what they want, and walk out without having to deal with cashiers.