Researchers Develop AI That Can Help Make Cancer Treatment Less Toxic

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive form of brain cancer with a prognosis of no more than five years in adults. However its treatment is also just as aggressive in which doctors general administer the maximum drug dose (that falls within safety levels) to try and shrink the tumor as much as possible. As you might expect, this does have some pretty bad side effects.

OpenAI’s Bots Just Beat Professional DotA 2 Players

As you might have heard, Elon Musk’s OpenAI initiative had plans to play against some professional DotA 2 players in a bid to test how good AI can be at teamwork. It turns out that they can be very effective at teamwork because it seems that the bots managed to beat a group of professional DotA 2 players.

Researchers Use AI To Make Road Maintenance More Efficient

When it comes to roadworks, there are various factors to consider when deciding when and whether or not to proceed with the repair work for some roads. For example it might not be a busy road so it could be low in priority when it comes to sending people out to get it fixed, and then there are also things like cost to consider.

Fox Develops AI That Predicts A Movie’s Audience Based On Its Trailer

When it comes to predicting what people will or will not like, a lot of that is still being figured out through surveys, focus groups, and market research. However in the future it could be done a lot faster thanks to the use of AI, and one of the companies leading those efforts is Fox who has developed an AI that can predict movie audiences based on its trailer.


Google To Fix Gboard’s ‘Sit On My Face’ Autocomplete Suggestion

Autocomplete is useful as it does save you some time from typing, which when you’re in a rush can save you valuable seconds. Now autocomplete has come a long way over the years where it has gotten better where it’s getting smarter at figuring out what you’re trying to say next, but unfortunately this can lead to some questionable results.

Google Docs Gets An AI-Powered Grammar Check Tool

Spell-checking tools are more or less the norm when it comes to word processing software, and more advanced word processing tools such as Microsoft Word also include grammar checking features as well. The good news for Google Docs users is that if a grammar checking tool was something you have been hoping to see, you’ll be pleased to learn that your wish has been granted.

DARPA Looking To Develop AI That Can Explain Itself

The thing about us humans is that for the most part, we can explain why we do what we do. For example if someone asked why you are picking a certain brand over another, you could potentially lay out the reasons why you chose it in a (sometimes) logical manner. However the question is, can AI do the same?

AI Could Soon Determine Which Movie Scripts Will Get Made

There are many factors that movie studios take into account when considering whether or not to pick up a script to a movie. Naturally the content of the script matters, meaning its story. Then there is also whether or not such a story is marketable, then there is also who is the person who wrote the script, like whether or not they have written scripts for successful movies in the […]

Facebook’s Latest AI Acquisition Could Help Tackle Fake News

Social media networks like Facebook have a fake news problem. This is because Facebook allows users to share all kinds of articles, even if they are not necessarily true. Facebook has been taking steps to combat the problem with all kinds of reporting tools, and it seems that their latest acquisition could tackle the problem even more efficiently.

Google’s DeepMind AI Trained As A Team To Play Quake III

We have in the past seen AI take on human players in a variety of games. However for the most part these are one-on-one matches. However in recent times we’re starting to see how researchers are trying to train AI to have teamwork, such is the case with Elon Musk’s OpenAI which has recently been training to take on professional DotA 2 teams.

Microsoft Assembles A New Team Focused On Healthcare

Health and technology go hand in hand, why explains why wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers are booming because everyone wants to know how they are doing. It is also why companies like Apple have been spending a lot of resources on developing healthcare tools and features.

Google Duplex AI Calls: We Tested It Editor's Pick

Unveiled at Google I/O 2018, Google’s AI system for accomplishing real-world tasks over the phone called Google Duplex, will make its live debut this summer. We talked to it while in Mountain View, California, and it works just as demonstrated during Google’s developer event reveal.

US Army Testing AI That Can Predict When To Repair Vehicles

Just like how we should probably see a doctor when we start to feel that there’s something not right with our bodies, the same can be said for vehicles too. If you hear a weird sound or if the car starts driving a little strange, you’ll want to take it get checked before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Amazon Echo Reportedly Tells Its Owner, ‘All I See Is People Dying’

The problem with speakers that are always listening is that you sometimes can’t be sure what could trigger it, which in some instances has resulted in some pretty creepy situations. Unfortunately it seems that these are instances that people might need to get used to, according to a report from Metro.