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Amazon’s Alexa Will Soon Be Capable Of Mimicking Celebrity Voices
Celebrity voice packs aren’t exactly new and we have seen several such examples in the past. However, for the most part, these voice packs are pretty static as they are based on pre-recorded lines. This means that they can only say what they have recorded, but Amazon is hoping to change that.

Amazon Takes Apple On With The Echo Buds Wireless Headphones
Just yesterday we heard rumors that Amazon could be planning on launching their own set of wireless earbuds with Alexa built into them. It turns out that the rumors were true because Amazon has since officially unveiled a bunch of new Echo devices, one of which is the Echo Buds.

Amazon Wireless Earbuds With Alexa And Fitness Tracking Could Be In The Works
In the wireless earbuds market, it’s hard to deny that Apple’s AirPods are dominating. However, they are still very much just a pair of headphones that doesn’t really do that much. According to a rumor from earlier this year, Amazon could be planning on challenging the AirPods with their own wireless headphones, and now a new report seems to confirm it.

Fitbit Versa 2 Leaked With Alexa And Spotify Integration
Fitbit, known for their fitness trackers, have been steadily making the transition to smartwatches. In fact, if you’re looking for a new smartwatch, a series of newly leaked photos obtained by TizenHelp have revealed the company’s next-gen smartwatch, which will apparently be the Fitbit Versa 2.


Bose Debuts A New Portable Home Speaker System
Recently, there have been reports that Sonos could be working on a new portable speaker system that will allow users to play music through WiFi and Bluetooth. Those speakers have yet to make their debut, but it seems that Bose could have beaten them to the punch as the company has taken the wraps off their aptly named “Portable Home Speaker”.

Amazon Still Working On A Mobile Home Robot, Claims New Report
Amazon has launched all manner of hardware products over the past few years but a mobile home robot has not been one of them. There have been a few reports in the past about such a product being in development over at the company. A new report mentions that Amazon is still working on a wheeled home robot which would quite understandably feature its Alexa personal assistant as well.

Alexa Will Now Be Able To Dispense Medical Advice From The NHS
If you’ve ever wanted to look up a medical symptom or a cure online, it’s quite easy as all you’d need to search online and you’d have your answer. However, if you’re too lazy to search, you might be interested to learn that Amazon and the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK are teaming up.

Amazon Admits They Store Transcriptions Of Your Conversations With Alexa
Companies like Amazon and Google who have created smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant speakers have long asserted that they do not listen in on your conversations, but what about keeping a record of them? While we can’t speak for Google, it seems that as far as Amazon is concerned, it turns out the company does.

KitchenAid Has A Google Assistant And Alexa Compatible Smart Oven
Earlier this year at CES 2019, KitchenAid announced a couple of smart home gadgets. One of the devices announced was a smart display and the other was a smart oven called the SmartOven+. For those who are interested in the smart oven, you’ll be pleased to learn that the device is now available for purchase, if you’re willing to spend $3,199.

Baby Confuses Her Name For Alexa Because Her Parents Use Amazon’s Alexa Too Much
When the world was introduced to smart speakers with built-in digital assistants, there were some concerns about the technology, such as how much of what we say to it is recorded, and whether or not these devices are spying on us. However, it turns out that there might be another problem we didn’t quite anticipate.

New Motorola AX Home Phone Comes With Alexa Built-In
Do you like buying products that come with Alexa built-in? Here’s another one for you. SGW Global, the company that makes Motorola-branded home phones for the global market, has today announced the first home telephone with Alexa built-in. It’s as easy to use Alexa on the new Motorola AX as it is on any other compatible smart home device.

You Can Make Alexa Delete Your Voice Recordings Now
There’s always something about devices that are always listening that doesn’t quite sit right with people who worry a lot about their data privacy. However, that has not prevented smart assistant-enabled devices from becoming very popular over the past couple of years. In a step that will be appreciated by many, Amazon is now allowing users to command Alexa to delete all of their voice recordings from that particular day.

Future Alexa Devices Might Work Without Requiring A Wake Word
Smart speaker devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s HomePod are always listening for their wake word. This prevents them from being used all the time and it also affords customers some semblance of privacy, where it is presumed that these devices are not listening to them until their wake words are spoken.

Alexa Announcements Now Work On All Alexa Devices
Amazon released the announcements feature for Alexa last year initially for Echo devices only. The feature allowed users to broadcast their voice to every Echo device in the house, basically turning them into an intercom system. Amazon has now announced that this feature is being rolled out to every Alexa-enabled device, it’s no longer limited to just the ones that are made by the company itself.