Give Amazon A 3D Scan Of Your Body, Get A $25 Gift Card

If you take part in Amazon’s latest research project you can get a $25 gift card. The research involves digital 3D scans of people’s bodies and those who agree to do it are given a $25 Amazon gift card. This study is reportedly being conducted by Amazon at two locations in New York City.

Amazon’s New Wearable Device ‘Reads Human Emotions’

According to a report, Amazon is developing a new wearable device which “reads human emotions.” The device will be wrist-worn and voice-activated with its primary functionality being the ability to read human emotions. It would thus be a health and wellness device unlike any other on the market today.

Amazon Building Separate Warehouses For Hazardous Products

Amazon won’t be storing hazardous products in its regular warehouses in the future. According to a new report, Amazon is actually building separate warehouses for hazardous goods. The first of such purpose-built warehouses is set to open this summer. Amazon decided to take this step following an incident involving bear repellent last year. The accident took place towards the end of 2018. It involved an exploding can of bear repellent […]

Amazon’s New Fire 7 Tablet Get More Speed Without A Price Bump

Amazon has updated its entry-level Fire 7 tablet today. The new model brings more storage space and it’s also faster than its predecessors. The good thing about this refresh is that Amazon isn’t increased the prices. Everything else about the tablet remains the same as well.


Google’s Pixel 3a And 3a XL Now Available From Amazon

There are quite a few ways you can purchase Google’s latest smartphones. These happen to be the first Pixel smartphones to be sold by carriers other than Verizon. And now, for the very first time, Amazon is also selling Google’s smartphones directly. The Pixel 3a and 3a XL are now available for purchase from Amazon.

Ring’s Smart Doorbells Now One Step Closer To Gaining HomeKit Support

Several years ago, Ring announced that they would be working to bring HomeKit support to its smart doorbells. However, after Amazon acquired the company, some were understandably worried that this would never come to pass, but Ring later clarified that by confirming that HomeKit support would still be coming.

Amazon May Use Robots To Pack Your Orders

Even though Amazon says that it may be a decade before its warehouses are fully automated, the company isn’t just sitting around and waiting for the technology to catch up. It has been trying out new technologies to reduce labor and increase profits by automating some of the most common tasks at its fulfillment centers. According to a new report, Amazon is looking to use robots to pack your orders. […]

Amazon Offering Employees $10,000 To Quit Job And Deliver Packages

Amazon is working to build out the capacity this year which will enable it to offer one-day shipping to all of its Prime members with no minimum purchase requirements. It’s already offering that for select items and the one-day shipping incentive will gradually be available on more products as well. In order to speed up that capacity building, Amazon is now giving its own employees a rather interesting business proposition.

Amazon Taking Solid Steps Against Toxic School Supplies

An investigation by the Washington Attorney General’s Office had revealed that many children’s products sold on Amazon had high levels of lead and cadmium. The levels were higher than what’s allowed and it’s particularly concerning since they were found in school supplies meant for children. Amazon has now said that it will enforce stricter rules across the country on sales of school supplies and jewelry through its platform.

Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping Is Now Available

Amazon had revealed last month that it was working to change its two-day Amazon Prime delivery time to just one single day. That would mean the orders that customers place today will arrive the very next day. The company said at that time that it will build most of this capacity throughout 2019 and yet it appears that it’s already possible to get one-day Amazon Prime delivery on many items.

Amazon’s New Blink XT2 Security Camera Offers More Features

Ring isn’t the only company that Amazon owns which sells security cameras. It also acquired Blink in 2017 and the company today unveiled its new Blink XT2 camera. There are several new features in addition to the promise of a two year battery life on a single set of batteries.

Amazon Doesn’t See Fully Automated Shipping Warehouses For At Least A Decade

Amazon already relies on robotics for some of the operations in its massive logistics network but it’s not completely automated yet. There’s no denying the fact that the company’s use of robotics and artificial intelligence to further automated its warehouses is going to increase in the coming years. Will we see a fully automated shipping warehouse that’s manned only by robots? Amazon doesn’t think that’s going to happen for at […]

Amazon’s In-Car Delivery Service Expands To Ford And Lincoln Vehicles

Amazon launched its in-car delivery service last year. It does what the name suggests, deliver packages you’ve ordered to the trunk of your car. Only vehicles from Volo and General Motors were supported initially but this has now been expanded to include Ford and Lincoln vehicles from the 2017 model year and onwards.

Walmart Opens Its AI Powered Store To The Public

As if Walmart did not already need to compete with Amazon on the digital front, more recently it seemed like Walmart would need to compete on the physical front as well where Amazon started to test out AI-powered grocery stores, where customers could walk in, grab what they want, and walk out without having to deal with cashiers.