Amazon To Start Testing Its Scout Delivery Robot

Amazon is pretty good when it comes to logistics, as they are able to deliver products nationwide and around the world, suggesting that they have a very good infrastructure in place. The company has also been exploring a variety of ways of delivery, such as by using drones which can make deliveries by air.

Facebook Employees Caught Leaving 5-Star Reviews Of Portal On Amazon

Last year amidst the various privacy scandals and controversies that Facebook found themselves caught up in, the company debuted the Portal video chat device. It was an odd choice to launch a product that would have raised eyebrows any other day, during a time where there was a public outcry to #DeleteFacebook.

Alexa Can Now Read The News In A Broadcaster’s Voice

Digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa all tend to sound rather monotonous. This is because the words are pieced together via an algorithm which usually lacks the inflection and expression that we as humans normally do when we talk. However Amazon has come up with some interesting ideas, such as the ability to make Alexa whisper.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Gets New Remote That Can Control Your TV

Amazon offers a variety of different Fire TV streaming devices but the most affordable option in the lineup is the Fire TV Stick. It retails for $39.99 and can instantly transform your conventional TV into a smart TV upon being plugged into the HDMI port. Amazon is now shipping the Fire TV Stick with its upgraded Alexa voice control. It comes with IR blasters so the remote can also be […]


Amazon Could Be Developing Its Own Gaming Streaming Platform

Is game streaming the next big thing? It could be, at least according to EA and Ubisoft who had both previously expressed that they think that game streaming could be the future. In fact companies such as Google have explored the technology where they successfully managed to stream a playable version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey within Chrome.

Amazon’s Dash Buttons Allegedly Violate German Law

The concept behind Amazon’s Dash buttons are pretty cool. The idea is that these make it quick and easy for people to reorder certain items that they might use on a daily basis. This is versus having to go through the process of placing an order via Amazon’s website when all they need to do is press the button.

Amazon Offers Free Movie And TV Show Streaming With IMDb Freedive

It was reported not too long ago that Amazon might launch an ad-supported channel through IMDb to provide free streaming of movies and TV shows. It’s doing just that today. IMDb Freedive is a subscription-free service available through its website in the U.S. and through Amazon’s Fire TV devices.

Amazon Fire TV Has Over 30 Million Users

It’s no secret that Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices are popular, but just how popular? If the latest figures from Amazon are anything to go by, these streaming devices might be in a league of their own. Amazon has said that Fire TV has 30 million active users. It’s ahead of Roku which estimated earlier this week that it has 27 million active users.

Amazon Invests In Self-Driving Forklift Technology

Amazon has warehouse operations on a massive scale so it’s always looking to extract more efficiency out of those operations as they have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. Thus it’s not surprising to hear that the company is investing in a company that’s developing technology for self-driving forklifts. Amazon could reportedly build up a stake of almost a third in French warehouse robotics company Balyo.

Amazon Received Over A Million Pre-Orders For The Echo Auto

Amazon announced the Echo Auto at its hardware event in September last year. It’s a nifty little product that’s designed to bring Alexa to your car. The company has since been taking pre-orders for the device and it turns out that quite a lot of people want Alexa in their cars. Amazon has revealed that it has more than a million pre-orders for this product.

DC Comics Will Now Be Part Of comiXology’s Subscription Service

Have you ever wanted to read all the comics you want without having to buy each and every issue? That’s what comiXology is hoping to entice readers with when they launched their comiXology Unlimited subscription service, which one could call the Netflix of comics. Now it looks like DC’s comics, or at least some of it, will be part of that subscription.

Amazon Customers Receiving Free Samples Based On Buying Habits

Amazon is reportedly sending out free samples to customers that are based on their buying habits and history. It certainly has a lot of data in this regard given that Amazon is one of the top online retail marketplaces in the world. This is a pilot program but it’s not known how long has this program been in operation and if it will evolve into a bigger part of Amazon’s […]

Amazon Boasts 100 Million Alexa Devices Sold

Amazon has been aggressively pushing Alexa over the past couple of years. It has opened up the assistant to device manufacturers so the assistant is now available on a variety of hardware that’s not made by Amazon. The company has revealed that more than 100 million Alexa devices has been sold so far.

Amazon Showroom Lets You Mix And Match Furniture Virtually

Back in the day if you wanted to buy new furniture, you’d have to go to the store to get an idea of what it looks like and also its measurements. However these days companies are getting smarter with their shopping experiences, like Walmart who offers up a 3D virtual shopping experience, and IKEA who uses augmented reality to help users envision furniture placements in their home.