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Android P Will Force Crash Apps That Aren’t Responding
From time to time due to whatever reason, apps can sometimes hang and become non-responsive. In the case of Android apps, what users can do right now is tap the “wait” button that pops up, but sometimes that doesn’t really do anything, which means that users will have to force close the app themselves.

Android P Could Introduce Automatic Color Adjustments To The Pixel 2
When the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were launched, there was some fuss regarding its display where there were more than a few users who were complaining about how the display looked dull. Google attempted to address this by giving users more options to adjust the display of their phones, but it seems that they aren’t quite done yet.

Android P Will Show Upcoming Events On The Lock Screen
If you’re the type that has a lot of events scheduled, unlocking your phone and having to check the calendar constantly can be rather annoying, especially since those seconds add up over the course of the day. However with Android P, it seems that Google is changing that by displaying events on your lock screen.

Clear All Button Will Return In Android P
Google introduced the “Clear All” button in the multitasking or recent apps menu with Android Nougat and it has been a stable in its mobile operating system since then. The company opened up the first public beta of the upcoming Android P earlier this week and many were surprised to find out that the Clear Apps button had gone missing. Naturally, they wanted more clarity on the matter and Google […]


Android P Lets You Know What Background Apps Are Using The Camera Or Microphone
When you install a new app whether it be on iOS or Android, sometimes it asks for permission, such as access to your camera, photos, microphone, notifications, and so on. For the layman, these permissions might seem a bit scary and confusing, and sometimes it can result in them saying “yes” just so they can use the app.

Qualcomm Will Help Get Android P On More Devices Sooner
The fragmentation on Android OS still leaves a lot to be desired but sincere efforts have been made over the past couple of years by Google and its partners to reduce fragmentation on its platform. As part of those efforts, Qualcomm today announced that it supports “fast commercial availability” of Android P, the next major update for Android. What that basically means is that the chipmaker will help bring Android […]

New Android P Features And Design Improvements Revealed At I/O 2018
We knew that Google was going to reveal more information about Android P at its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today and the company did not disappoint. It talked about some new Android P features as well as the design improvements that it has made at the event. Google has developed Android P around three central concepts: Intelligence, Simplicity, and Digital Wellbeing.

Google Launches Public Android P Beta Program
Google had previously released a developer preview of Android P, the next major update for its mobile operating system, and the company announced today during its I/O 2018 developers conference that the public Android P beta program is live starting today. This means that the average user can now get their hands on the beta version of Android P and take it for a spin well before its final release […]

Android P Could Remember Bluetooth Device Volume Levels
Some of us might have multiple Bluetooth devices, like speakers for the bedroom, speakers for the living room, headphones, and so on. However with each device we might have preferred volume levels, such as louder volumes for the living room, softer for the bedroom, and etc., which means that we’ll have to constantly remember to adjust the volumes when we pair to them.

Google Could Be Testing iPhone X-Like Gestures For Android P
With Apple removing the home button on the iPhone X, they had to come up with new ways for users to interact with the phone when it comes to multitasking, taking screenshots, launching Siri, and so on. So Apple came up with gestures specific to the iPhone X to accomplish that, and this is something Google is apparently exploring.

Google Confirms Nexus Player Will Not Be Updated To Android P
The Nexus Player was originally launched in 2014 and has since been discontinued, but despite being discontinued, Google has surprisingly kept the device up to date with new features. For example last year Google updated the Nexus Player with Google Assistant, but it seems that’s as far as the Nexus Player will go.

Android P May Launch Apps Automatically When Connected To Select Devices
Google released the first official Android P developer preview earlier this month and since then, developers have dived into the firmware to figure out some of the new features that will be included in the next major Android update. The latest discovery suggests that Android P may have support to launch apps automatically when the phone is connected to select devices or accessories.

Samsung To Kill Off Its ‘Movie Maker’ App After Android P Update
Our mobile phones are essentially computers that we can put in our pockets. They allow us to surf the web, play games, chat with our friends, edit photos, and edit videos. When it comes to video editing apps, there are quite a few to choose from, like Samsung’s Movie Maker app. However it looks like Samsung will be killing off the app.

Android P Will Prevent Apps Built For Android 4.1 Or Lower From Running
There are probably a ton of apps on the Google Play Store that haven’t been updated since their release, and possibly for years. Maybe the developer has forsaken the app, or maybe the app is simple enough where despite the various updates to Android, it still works. However that will change with Android P.