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Chase Will Reportedly Start Supporting Android Pay September 7
If you’re not a fan of Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, luckily for you as far as mobile payments are concerned, there are always more options and alternatives, such as Android Pay. The good news is that if you are a Chase customer, support for Google’s mobile payment service could be kicking off on the 7th of September.

Android Pay's First Loyalty Card Integration Is With Walgreens
Walgreens has become the first retail store chain in the United States to integrate its loyalty rewards program with Android Pay. This is the first time that a retail chain has supported Google’s mobile payment service this way. Walgreens customers will now be able to add their Balance Rewards card information to the Android Pay app on their compatible smartphones.

Android Pay Will Soon Be Able To Tell You Where Your NFC Chip Is
Due to the way Android phones are made/designed, sometimes some components might not necessarily be in the same place as another phone. A good example would be the NFC chip in Android phones, where one phone could have placed it in the middle, and another phone from another company might have it placed at the top.

Android Pay Will Soon Direct You To Merchants That Accept It
Mobile payment services are great for paying on the go. They eliminate the need to carry multiple payment cards on your person and enable you to get things done quicker at the counter. However, it takes time for these services to be widely accepted by merchants so users often have to find out beforehand if a particular merchant accepts their preferred service. Android Pay could soon make this search easier for […]


Android Pay Introduces Support For More Banks
It was last week that we brought you word on how Android Pay can be used to withdraw money from Bank of America ATMs. Well, it seems that there is not all there is to it where Android Pay is concerned, as we bring you word that Android Pay has now included support for even more banks, so you might be interested to check out whether your bank is on […]

Android Pay Can Be Used To Withdraw From Bank Of America ATMs
Mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay can be used to pay for purchases and that’s pretty much a given. However in addition to being able to purchase items, it can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs which is what we’ve seen platforms like Samsung Pay do.

Android Pay Finally Launched In The UK
There have been whispers over the past couple of days that Google’s mobile payments service could finally be launched in the United Kingdom soon. The company today formally announced the launch of Android Pay across the pond. The service will enable Android users to easily and securely pay on-the-go using their mobile devices. Android Pay was first unveiled at the Google I/O conference last year and was soon released in […]

Android Pay Not Quite Ready For UK Launch Just Yet
It goes without saying that with Google I/O right around the corner, there will be plenty of whispers going around concerning all things Google, ranging from their latest products to services. Well, there is one particular aspect that does seem to have been neglected for some time – the expansion of the Android Pay facility to those who happen to reside in the UK. There were whispers of UK retailers […]

Walmart Pay Launched In Texas And Arkansas
There’s no shortage of mobile payment services and to compete against the likes of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, one of the biggest retailers in the country announced plans for its own mobile payments service last year. That service, called Walmart Pay, has been rolled out state-wide in Texas and Arkansas. The full launch means that Walmart Pay will be supported at nearly 600 stores across both neighboring […]

Uber Drops Google Wallet And Picks Up Android Pay
Ride-hailing service Uber is dropping support for one mobile payment solution made by Google and picking up support for another solution made by the same company, it’s giving up on Google Wallet in favor of Android Pay. Uber is sending out emails to users in the United States that they will soon be able to pay for their rides using Android Pay.

Use Android Pay Thrice, Verizon Customers Receive 2GB Data For Free
Google has tried to entice folks to make use of their Android Pay service before, where using it ten times would result in receiving free stuff from Google. This time around, Verizon has decided to provide some good news to their customers – as long as they make use of Android Pay three times, they will be on the receiving end of 2GB of free data without any other additional […]

Android Pay Coming To UK In 'Next Few Months'
There have been multiple rumors recently suggesting that Android Pay could soon go live in the United Kingdom and the official announcement has finally come through. Google has confirmed today that Android Pay is going to be launched in the UK over the “next few months.” It’s going to bring together payment networks, retailers, and banks to enable Android users to pay on the fly with their smartphones.

Android Pay UK Launch Expected Next Month
There’s really no shortage of mobile payment services so you can really take your pick. Google stepped into this arena with Android Pay last year. The service isn’t available in all major markets yet but according to a new report, the Android Pay UK launch is going to take place by the end of next month. Rival payments service Apple Pay is already live in the United Kingdom.

Square's Apple Pay Reader Now Being Sold In Apple Stores
Late last year Square launched a new mobile reader which allows small businesses to accept credit card payments and even support mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. It enables them to accept chip cards and mobile payment services and provide their customers with a fast and simple payment experience without having to purchase expensive terminals.