lg logoHave you ever noticed that all the mobile payment systems have the word “pay” in them? For example we have Apple Pay, we have Android Pay, and we have Samsung Pay, and of course let’s not forget PayPal. That being said, could an LG Pay be in the works? Turns out that there could be, and that it might actually be known as “G Pay”.


This is according to the latest rumors that suggests that LG could be gearing up to launch a mobile payments service of their own. Apparently the company has already filed the trademark for the “LG G Pay” moniker, which we suppose based on how the company has named their products in the past shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

With smartphone OEMs like Apple and Samsung launching their own mobile payments service, and with Google hopping on board with Android Pay and given LG’s competitive nature especially against Samsung, we can’t say that we did not see this coming. Despite it being a rumor, it really isn’t that much of a stretch to think that maybe at some point LG really did consider it.

Now the rumors claim that LG’s G Pay service will be apparently more versatile and have more payment options compared to Samsung’s, but we can’t be sure what that means since details are a bit scarce. In any case hopefully we will hear it officially from LG in the near, even if it is to refute these claims since keeping mum kind of speaks volumes already.

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