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Google I/O 2017: What to Expect
So far every year for the past few years without fail Google has hosted its annual Google I/O event, and this year the company is back with the 2017 version. Just like Microsoft’s BUILD conferences or Apple’s WWDC, Google I/O is mostly about software and services, where Google will introduce new software and potentially launch new services for its customers to check out, and we expect that this year will […]

Free Android Wear Apps
The Android wearables make it even more convenient to keep up with the notifications, reminders, to-do lists, calls, and social media without needing to take out your smartphone from your pocket.With great Android wearables like the Moto 360, LG G Watch, ASUS ZenWatch, and TAG Heuer’s Connected, you need some really good apps tailored for Android wearables. Here, we shall take a look at the best free Android wear apps […]

Android Wear 2.0 To Roll Out To Remaining Devices In May
Android Wear 2.0’s roll out has been happening in fits and bursts and recently Google even announced that some devices might see their update delayed due to a last minute bug that was discovered. However the good news is that in May, all Android Wear devices that are eligible for the update should get the update already.

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition To Get Android Wear 2.0 In May
The other it was announced that Android Wear 2.0 was being rolled out to devices like the LG G Watch R and the LG Watch Urbane. However the update was only for the first-gen LG Watch Urbane and for those who are wondering about the second generation Watch Urbane, not to worry as LG has not forgotten about you guys.


Android Pay For First-Gen Huawei Watch Currently Under Testing [Update]
Update – Huawei Australia has since clarified to Ausdroid that the original Huawei Watch does not have NFC inside despite their earlier claims.With the launch of the Huawei Watch 2 at MWC 2017 a couple of months ago, it was revealed that the smartwatch came with NFC technology on it which in turn allowed users to take advantage of features like Android Pay. However it seems that if you’re still […]

Android Wear 2.0 Rolling Out To LG G Watch R & Watch Urbane
So we know that Android Wear 2.0 has been slowly making its way to Android Wear devices, although recently there was a bit of a hold up due to a bug that Google discovered at the last minute. That being said if you own an LG Android Wear device, you’ll be pleased to learn that the update is making its way to them as we speak.

Polar M600 Android Wear 2.0 Rollout Has Already Begun
Polar has been known to put out various health and fitness related wearables and accessories, but it was only in 2016 that the company decided to hop on board the Android Wear bandwagon with the launch of the Polar M600. The good news for M600 owners is that the company is not wasting time and is rolling out the Android Wear 2.0 update.

Bug Delays Android Wear 2.0’s Release For Some Devices
Android Wear was originally planned for a release back in 2016, but it was delayed to 2017. Now so far it seems that Google has pushed out the update for several Android Wear models, but unfortunately if you have yet to get the update for your (eligible) Android Wear device, you might have to wait a bit longer.

Android Wear 2.0 Released For Tag Heuer, Fossil, And Casio Smartwatches
Google may have confirmed the release of Android Wear 2.0 last month and brought it to market with two new smartwatches called the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport but it’s yet to roll it out for existing smartwatches. That’s changing today. It has has been confirmed which are the three existing Android Wear smartwatches that are now receiving the much-awaited Android Wear 2.0 update.

Hugo Boss Android Wear Smartwatch Announced
Smartwatches have definitely evolved in their design over the years, where more companies are starting to appreciate the look and design of a smartwatch that could totally pass off as a regular watch. Hugo Boss is one of those companies, although not that surprising given that they are one of the more prominent fashion brands around.

Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear 2.0 Update Arrives Soon
Luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer emerged on the smartwatch scene last year with the Tag Heuer Connected. The idea was to provide a robust smartwatch that was backed by the quality and manufacturing standards that people expect from a Swiss watchmaker like Tag Heuer. While a successor to the original Connected smartwatch is going to be released soon, the company has confirmed today that the Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear […]

Fossil To Update Their Smartwatches To Android Wear 2.0 Mid-March
With Android Wear 2.0 having already been released, we’re sure owners of Android Wear devices are wondering when their smartwatches can expect the upgrade. On Google’s website they have pretty much confirmed which devices are eligible for the update, and Fossil’s smartwatch lineup are some of them.

Sony SmartWatch 3 Owners Petition For Android Wear 2.0
When Google announced the release of Android Wear 2.0, there were a bunch of smartwatches confirmed by Google that would be getting the update. Missing from the list was Sony’s SmartWatch 3, but given that the watch was launched in 2014, we guess Sony might have felt it might not have been up to scratch to receive the update.

Sony SmartWatch 3 Android Wear 2.0 Release Ruled Out
Google announced Android Wear 2.0 last year and originally intended to release it late last year but the company ended up delaying the release by a couple of months. It finally released Android Wear 2.0 last week alongside two new LG smartwatches. Not all Android Wear smartwatches are compatible with this new platform update, though, and some will be left out. The Sony SmartWatch 3 Android Wear 2.0 release has […]