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Wi-Fi enabled posted in the UK to increase safety awareness
Bobbies as they are called in the UK, will be deploying Wi-Fi enabled posters that encourage folks to download a message concerning safety during the upcoming Christmas party season. As mom always used to say, it is for your own good! Makes perfect sense, don’t you think so? This is one of the more interesting safety campaigns that are held by any authorities in question, and is also the first […]

Official PlayStation Magazine teases something big for next month
PlayStation owners, it looks like according to the Official PlayStation Magazine, something exciting will be announced next month, and if you have a copy of the magazine, you will realize that the page announcing the upcoming announcement features a huge exclamation mark, which has led many to believe that this upcoming announcement could have something to do with Metal Gear Solid, although there are some other options being considered as […]

HTC announcing new Windows Phone devices on September 1st
While HTC has announced its commitment to Android, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to spend any less time creating Windows Phone devices. The folks over at BGR claimed to have exclusively learned about HTC’s plans to unveil several new WP7 phones at an upcoming event next Thursday (September 1st) in a public event in that will be held in Victoria House, London.

Razer: PC gaming is not dead
Razer has recently started a new viral campaign, with the launch of the website It looks like the company plans to “stand up against shoddy console ports and sub-par console graphics.” As to how they’re going to do that? We’re not sure yet, but the website has a link to an email registration with a message telling users to be prepared for an announcement on August 26th 2011.Coincidentally on […]


Clearwire announces 4G LTE network
Everybody is jumping onto the LTE bandwagon. Verizon started it late last year, and AT&T announced its plans earlier this year, now we have one more LTE network popping up – this time it’s from Clearwire, the folks that introduced the nation’s first “4G” network with WiMAX back in 2009. This announcement comes after successful completion of its 4G technology trials that were said to bring download speeds exceeding 120 […]

Additional Pentax Q lenses announced
The Pentax Q camera was announced late yesterday, and was touted as the “world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera”. Since only one lens (standard prime) was announced with the camera, it seems a bit odd to not have any extra lenses announced for the camera. It looks like Pentax does have some extra lenses for the lightweight camera.The lenses are all designed exclusively for use with the Pentax Q. […]

Motorola TRIUMPH announced for Virgin Mobile
In addition to the Motorola PHOTON 4G that made its debut today, Motorola also announced its first phone to be available exclusively to Virgin Mobile USA customers – the Motorola TRIUMPH. It is a feature rich Android handset that can be bought without a contract (a nice option to have these days).The Motorola TRIUMPH packs a 4.1″ WVGA display, a 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front […]

Sony NEX-C3: the world's smallest, lightest, interchangeable lens camera
The Sony NEX-C3 was leaked in photographs prematurely over a month ago, along with its user manual as well. Today, the camera has finally been given its official inauguration and according to Sony, the NEX-C3 will be the world’s smallest, lightest, interchangeable lens camera.The camera weighs in at only 225g, nearly 6% lighter than its predecessor, the NEX-3. It has a new body design that pairs a solid metal top […]

Sprint and Motorola invites the media to a special luncheon event
Sprint and Motorola have started to send out invitations to a special event hosted by Dan Hesse (CEO of Sprint) and Sanjay Jha (Chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility) in two weeks time, on Thursday 9th. There’s no hint of what to expect on the invitation, but speculation points to new Sprint-Motorola devices like the recently rumored Atrix 4G that was said to appear on Sprint or it could be […]

Google has got a Nexus-flavored surprise in store for us (Updated)
It looks like Google has got something up their sleeves for us, but we have no idea what. According to a tweet from the official Google Nexus Twitter account, we’re in for a surprise – and that’s all we get. Google I/O 2011 is only two weeks away – could the announcement be something related to it? Since it’s coming from the official Google Nexus account, it probably has something […]

Dell Alienware M18x officially announced
After being discovered on the Dell Alienware Canada website last week, the mega-sized gaming laptop, the M18x, has been announced in the US. Dell has labeled the M18x as the “most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the universe,” and as seeing how there aren’t too many 18″-sized laptops available on the market, they’re probably right.

Crysis 2 Direct X 11 patch on its way
Many gamers were pretty disappointed when Crysis 2 launched without Direct X 11 support. It was a game that was meant to raise the bar for computer game graphics but it had shipped without the ability to take full advantage of the latest graphics cards available on the market. Obviously people cried foul, and it seems Crytek has heard those cries. Well, Tom Ebsworth, the community manager at MyCrysis and […]

Samsung Galaxy Player officially announced
The Samsung Galaxy Player that was first unveiled at CES 2011 in January has been officially announced today. The Samsung Galaxy Players are basically Galaxy S phones – minus the phone capabilities. It runs on Android, supports various multimedia formats natively thus eliminating the need to transcode or convert files before playback. This means that you’ll be able to drag and drop video content in formats such as DivX, Xvid, […]

IBM and ARM partnership for new mobile chipsets
IBM and ARM have announced that they will be partnering on advanced semiconductor technologies that are designed to power the next generation of mobile gadgets. The goal of the partnership is to create 14nm chips that will be suitable for better power management, longer battery life and also better multimedia support, feats that we’d definitely welcome in any device.