It looks like Google has got something up their sleeves for us, but we have no idea what. According to a tweet from the official Google Nexus Twitter account, we’re in for a surprise – and that’s all we get. Google I/O 2011 is only two weeks away – could the announcement be something related to it? Since it’s coming from the official Google Nexus account, it probably has something to do with the Nexus, so we’re thinking along the lines of new Nexus products.

A Nexus tablet? Nexus S arriving on more carriers, with 4G? A third Nexus phone to be unveiled at Google I/O? Who knows, but we sure are hyped up over what it could possibly be. It’s been three hours since the tweet was posted and they still haven’t said anything yet. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait? Anyway, you can head over to the Official Google Nexus Twitter page and keep on refreshing, or just wait for the news to break and receive coverage from tech blogs online. Stay tuned for more details. Let us know what you think the surprise could be in the comments below.

Update (4.42 PM): The big surprise has finally been and, big woop – turns out it’s just going to be another Nexus S contest, this time open to more countries all over the world. Head here if you’d like to participate. There goes our hopes of expecting a new Nexus device announcement.

Google Nexus S Surprise

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