Bobbies as they are called in the UK, will be deploying Wi-Fi enabled posters that encourage folks to download a message concerning safety during the upcoming Christmas party season. As mom always used to say, it is for your own good! Makes perfect sense, don’t you think so? This is one of the more interesting safety campaigns that are held by any authorities in question, and is also the first of its kind by the Metropolitan Police. Harnessing the wonders and marvels of modern technology, it will deliver rape prevention and personal safety messages to those who are out enjoying the festive season and days before Christmas.


Among the activities that are taking place, those will be centered around popular venues within the boroughs of Westminster, Camden, Southwark and Lambeth including Ministry of Sound, Proud Galleries, The Trocedero Centre and Infernos nightclub. All you need to do is turn on the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone, and you will start to receive alerts to download police messages. At least this is good use of taxpayer’s money, don’t you think so?

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