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Flat Antenna Could Deliver Better In-Flight WiFi
Having WiFi connectivity seems to be the norm these days, although in-flight WiFi is not exactly cheap still, unless you happen to be one of the big rollers and live a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Well, WiFi on airplanes does have its fair share of issues as well, since it does not work all that great, and might end up making you feel a whole lot more frustrated […]

iPhone 4 Bumper Case to be discontinued? (Rumor)
When the iPhone 4 was launched, there was a huge buzz surrounding it, although at one point in time, the buzz surrounding the device was a negative one. If you were one of the early adopters of the iPhone 4, you may remember the infamous “death grip” which would cause your handset to lose reception drastically when held in a certain way. This was believed to have been attributed to […]

Protoype 3G MacBook Pro auction removed
A few days ago we covered the prototype 3G MacBook Pro that was put up for auction on eBay well it turns out that the seller who got his/her hands on the machine didn’t manage to sell it, despite bids for the laptop climbing up to at least $70,000. Apparently Apple managed to stop the auction before any selling could take place, which verifies the legitimacy of the computer.

Apple patent suggest antenna hidden under the keys
A couple of days ago we reported that a prototype MacBook Pro that sported a 3G antenna was seen on eBay, and just a few days after that, an Apple patent was released that suggested something similar, albeit improved upon.


3D printing method results in electrically small antenna design
It goes without saying that the world of consumer electronics do benefit from Moore’s Law as well as the constant revolution of hardware and engineering that sees things getting smaller and smaller. Antennas, however, are slightly different since they do suffer limitations in gain, efficiency, system range, and bandwidth whenever their size is reduced to less than a quarter-wavelength. Of course, with us humans being brilliant in our own right, […]

NFC antenna takes up less space than you can imagine
Modern smartphones these days boast more antennas that you could possibly imagine, where the wonders of miniaturization has certainly made their mark in the size of the hardware you hold in the palm of your hand that would make even the fastest Pentium that came out over 10 years ago cower in fear. Imagine the four required to support all the international GSM bands, while 3G takes up five. Of […]

Plantenna is truly one of its kind
Mike decided to experiment with plants functioning as AM radio transmission antennas, and has managed to pull it off successfully. To long and short of it is this – Mike decided to take an ATMega324, modify the PWM output into a sinusoidal AM signal (which is a simple form of RLC circuitry), while connecting the circuit to a plant. Needless to say, no plants were harmed during the construction of […]

Expert: CDMA iPhone 4 Will Sport The Same Antenna Design
Rumors of a Verizon CDMA iPhone have been going around for a long time now, and an expert claims that if a CDMA iPhone were to surface, Apple would pretty much leave the antenna design as it is. Some folks have speculated that Apple might want to take advantage of this period to rethink the iPhone’s antenna design, and perhaps even hide the antenna again. Others speculate that Apple might […]

Apple knew about the antenna problem, says Bloomberg
Death Grip = I’m just holding my phone…Update 7/16/2010: Steve Jobs dismissed the Bloomberg story as being “total bullshit” at today’s Apple Press event. “Are you talking about the Bloomberg article? That’s a crock, and we’ve challenged them to show proof that that” (Steve Jobs)In the latest twist ahead of tomorrow’s press conference from Apple’s HQ, Bloomberg claims that the company executives, Steve Jobs among them, knew that the new […]

Point-to-Point Wi-Fi antenna
Folks who are in need of long range Wi-Fi in the course of their work might want to look forward to the Point-to-Point Wi-Fi antenna which is capable of shooting out Wi-Fi EM in an arc, measuring 16° horizontally and 21° vertically. According to the product manufacturer, this device will more or less work up to nearly 3 miles away as long as you have a clear line of sight […]