flat-antennaHaving WiFi connectivity seems to be the norm these days, although in-flight WiFi is not exactly cheap still, unless you happen to be one of the big rollers and live a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Well, WiFi on airplanes does have its fair share of issues as well, since it does not work all that great, and might end up making you feel a whole lot more frustrated than happy. After all, you can forget about streaming videos over an in-flight WiFi connection, and PDF files alone would take a long time. Perhaps a change in the antenna design would help improve things along the way.

Dr. Nathan Kundtz thinks that he has an answer – and this would include opening up new types of spectrum. He is also referring to far higher frequencies, where it will naturally be a whole lot less crowded. So far, the FCC has already allocated a number of this territory for these purposes, and there remains a matter of tapping into them.

In order to make use of that frequency, however, the traditional kind of bunny ears antenna or the one that you see on your old school ride simply will not do. Something a whole lot more sophisticated – like that of a parabolic antenna, will fit the bill better. Well, fixing one of those on an airplane might increase drag and weight, something which airlines will definitely try to avoid most of the time.

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