Point-to-Point Wi-Fi antenna

Folks who are in need of long range Wi-Fi in the course of their work might want to look forward to the Point-to-Point Wi-Fi antenna which is capable of shooting out Wi-Fi EM in an arc, measuring 16° horizontally and 21° vertically. According to the product manufacturer, this device will more or less work up to nearly 3 miles away as long as you have a clear line of sight – now we know that that is rarely the case with all the urban jungles going on around us these days, and if you decide to use this, you will also need to purchase additional adapters while the antenna will replace the standard aerial on your router. Perfect for those woh own sprawling grounds and need a Wi-Fi connection about a mile or so away from their main home. The Point-to-Point Wi-Fi antenna is going for $89.95 per antenna.

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