While Apple’s AirPods lineup might not necessarily be the best-sounding headphones and earphones out there, they are convenient in terms of pairing and they do offer exclusive features like support for spatial audio tracks for Apple Music. However, it seems that Apple is taking their spatial audio feature even further.

According to a tweet by user @kuromikenny, it seems that Apple is getting ready to launch an Apple Music radio station designed for spatial audio. It appears that Apple had posted this announcement on Apple Music earlier, which was a surprise as the announcement was not part of Apple’s WWDC schedule. It has since been taken down but presumably we should have more details tomorrow.

For those unfamiliar, spatial audio is a feature that AirPods users can enjoy and take advantage of when listening to Apple Music. It is essentially Apple’s version of Dolby Atmos and Sony’s PS5 3D Audio, where users using AirPods will be able to enjoy music with a 3D like effect, as if the sound is coming from different directions as opposed to just directly in your ears.

Spatial audio won’t be available across the entire Apple Music catalogue of songs, so having a radio station that plays songs that are designed with spatial audio in mind could be useful and helpful for people to discover and listen to songs in a new way.

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