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Apple One Brings All Of Apple’s Subscription Services Together
As per the rumors, Apple is said to have been working on creating a subscription bundle that combines various services together in more affordable packages. Dubbed the Apple One, that services bundle has since been officially confirmed where there will be several different plans for users to choose from.

More Evidence Surfaces Of ‘Apple One’ Services Bundle
Word on the street has it that Apple is readying a new services bundle called “Apple One”. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but thanks to a new domain registration, it seems that the company has registered for a “” domain name. While we doubt that Apple will be using the domain, they probably did so to protect the branding and to prevent cyber squatters and […]

‘Apple One’ Subscription Bundle Seemingly Confirmed
Apple has several subscription services running at the moment, all of which when added up can be pretty expensive. This is why it has been rumored for a while now that the company could actually be planning to create some kind of subscription bundle that would combine several services together at more affordable prices.

‘Apple One’ Subscription Bundle Could Be In The Works
Apple has various subscription services under its belt at the moment. However, all these subscriptions are sold separately, which when added together can be rather pricey, but it seems that Apple is hoping to take out some of that bite with a subscription bundle that could combine various services together at a cheaper rate.


Google Could Be Planning An Apple News+ Competitor
Both Google and Apple currently offer a news aggregator service in the form of Google News and Apple News. However, back in 2019, Apple launched a premium version called Apple News+ in which it gave users access to a bunch of online newspapers and magazines for a price of $9.99 a month.

Apple News+ Managed To Get 200,000 Subscriptions In First 48 Hours
Just the other day, Apple announced the launch of a new service in the form of Apple News+. This could be thought of as the paid version of Apple News, where users could gain access to certain paid publications and magazines for a flat fee every month. It turns out that it might have been a good idea on Apple’s end.

Apple News+ Offers Magazine Subscriptions For $9.99 Per Month
Apple’s event is underway and the company has unveiled a new software product called Apple News+. It’s a subscription service based on the company’s Apple News app which provided a curated news experience. This service follows Apple’s acquisition of Texture which was best described as the Netflix of magazines. Subscribers paid a flat fee to access all of the magazines in Texture’s catalog.

Potential Pricing Of Apple’s Upcoming Services Revealed
So we know that come Monday, Apple could be launching a new video streaming service, a news and magazine subscription service, and also maybe even a gaming service. However if there is one question that is evading us all, it would be how much will all of these services cost Apple’s customers?

Some Publishers Are Warning Against Joining Apple’s News Subscription Service
Apple has been dabbling in news with the launch of services such as Apple News, but come 25th of March, the company is expected to launch a new subscription service in the form of a news and magazine subscriptions where for a fixed monthly price, customers can expect to be able to access multiple publications at once.

Wall Street Journal Expected To Be Part Of Apple’s News Subscription Service
Apple has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 25th of March where the company will most likely announce their new video streaming service. However the company is also expected to announce their news and magazine subscription service, and now we have one more publication to add to that list.

Premium Apple News Subscription May Be Launched Next Spring
Apple may be looking to revamp its News offering next year if a new report is to be believed. The company is reportedly thinking about launching a premium Apple News subscription. It would obviously need to have support for publishers but apparently, they haven’t really been willing to side with it in such an initiative.

Apple Reportedly Blocked Its Own News App In China
Like any other company Apple adapts its products to suit many of the markets that it operates in, whether it’s offering support for the native language in the keyboard or ensuring that Siri is capable of understanding that native language. It appears though that Apple has indulged in a bit of censorship to adapt in China, according to a report the company has blocked its own Apple News app in China.

Apple News Will Rely On Actual Humans To Curate The News
One of the changes that Apple will be making to iOS 9 is the introduction of new apps, like the revamped Newsstand that will now be replaced by Apple News. The new News app from Apple will employ a magazine-like design similar to the likes of Flipboard which will be able to display news and make them more engaging.It will also be able to curate news based on what it […]