Like any other company Apple adapts its products to suit many of the markets that it operates in, whether it’s offering support for the native language in the keyboard or ensuring that Siri is capable of understanding that native language. It appears though that Apple has indulged in a bit of censorship to adapt in China, according to a report the company has blocked its own Apple News app in China.

Apple News is a news reader app of sorts for the company’s mobile devices which is optimized for reading news gathered from a variety of sources on iOS devices.

The New York Times reports that instead of creating a system which would stop stories that Beijing won’t be too happy with from appearing in Apple News the company has decided to block the app altogether.

It’s not unusual for China to ask companies to censor content which they might deem to be inappropriate, there’s a reason why Facebook and Twitter aren’t available in the country, but with China being a very lucrative market for Apple it seems that the company has thought it right to entirely block users in China from accessing its news app.

Reports suggest that the app is shut down when the device is used with Chinese carrier regardless of whether or not location services are enabled on the device. The ban appears to be limited to mainland China and not Hong Kong, a special administration region of the People’s Republic.

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