You know when Apple’s iPhone popularized the touchscreen medium of interacting with your smartphone, there was just one big problem – that of fingerprint smudges being left behind, even more pronounced when you have been indulging in some greasy pizza for your dinner. Well, having a handkerchief or a sheet of tissue handy is always welcome to get rid of those fingerprints, but Apple might have something even better up their sleeves – a patent that could very well mean the end of fingerprint smudges.

The patent will involve a special coating procedure known as Physical Vapor Desposition, which would make it far more oil-resistant (and for a longer period of time to boot) compared to what you can find on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad at the moment. The new technique is said to be far more effective in making sure those pesky fingerprints remain off-limits on the touchscreen display.

Word has it that the coating will arrive with the iPhone 5 – what do you say to that? Patience is a virtue in which you should practice here then, so stay tuned!

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