If you’re the kind of person who can’t seem to find your way back to your car on a regular basis, then we’re sure you’ve downloaded an app or two that helps you find your vehicle, especially after a long night of drinking. But a new Apple patent may hint at a future where your iPhone can not only help find your car without the need for a third-party application, but also interact with it as well.

The Apple patent was published earlier today and is called “Method for locating vehicle” and it describes a way for your iPhone to help find your vehicle through Bluetooth to help find its location. The patent would require wherever you park to have a wireless system to help pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location, which we doubt would happen anytime soon.

An additional patent called “Accessing a vehicle using portable devices” was also published and details a way for your iPhone to become a replacement key for your vehicle, allowing it to unlock its doors, start your car, open the sunroof, adjust the seats, turn on your radio, and activate the vehicle’s headlights. Your iPhone can even store specific settings to adjust things like your car’s seats and mirrors to how you prefer them to be positioned.

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