apple-store-campIt is a cycle that is commonplace these days – each time before Apple unveils a new product or make announcements of upcoming devices and/or services, you can be sure that there will be a die hard fanatic who simply wants to be first in line, which then results in the act of camping outside of an Apple Store. Well, with Apple all set to reveal more details to the masses tomorrow, it looks like someone has taken the liberty to camp outside of an Apple Store in Australia.


You can pin a number of reasons as to why this person has decided to camp outside of the Apple Store, but one thing is for sure, the media is going to give the camper 15 minutes of fame, and chances are the name and place will be recorded down in some history or fact book somewhere. Heck, it might even be a potential scalper who would want to make a quick buck out of this effort, but who knows exactly?

Well, all we do know is excitement is ramping up for the possibility of a new iPhone being announced, as well as an ‘iPad Pro’, or perhaps even a revamped version of the Apple TV. If all three devices were to be released simultaneously, then it would certainly be one of the more impressive moves pulled by Apple in recent memory. Would you go so far as to camp outside a store before a product release? Doing so might require you to pick up the E-gear collapsible camping stove.

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