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Camping Outside Of Apple Store Begins
It is a cycle that is commonplace these days – each time before Apple unveils a new product or make announcements of upcoming devices and/or services, you can be sure that there will be a die hard fanatic who simply wants to be first in line, which then results in the act of camping outside of an Apple Store. Well, with Apple all set to reveal more details to the […]

Apple Reportedly Makes 'Premium' Packaging Necessary For Third-party Accessories
According to a new report Apple has now made it mandatory for at least some third-party accessories sold through its retail stores to have “premium” packaging, much like the packaging that Apple provides with its own products. This means that those third-party products can’t have flashy boxes of varying colors and outrageous designs, instead they need to have “consistent placement” of logos, typefaces approved by Apple and white backgrounds.

Queens Center Apple Store Opens This Saturday
Apple is opening its first ever brick and mortar store in the borough of Queens in New York so it’s certainly a big deal, the company has announced that the grand opening of the Queens Center Apple Store is going to take place this Saturday. Doors will open at 10 am on Saturday and we can be sure that a steady stream of people will then head inside to see Apple’s first […]

Fifth Avenue Apple Store To Close Soon
The iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store is going to be closed soon, though don’t worry, it’s not like Apple is giving up on the location. It’s merely closing the store temporarily to carry out some renovations. In the meantime it’ll shift the store staff to another location so that business as usual can proceed. Once the renovations are done the company is going to reopen its flagship store on New […]


Apple Stores Offering Slightly More Value For iPhone Trade-Ins In June
There are lots of options to get rid of your old iPhone and many of them can fetch you more money then you’re likely to get from a trade-in at an official Apple Store, but some customers are likely to be attracted by the easy trade-in process that the company’s official stores have. Just take in your phone, get it valued and if you accept the value you instantly get a […]

Dubai Will Reportedly Get The World's Largest Apple Store
Apple has not yet opened an official retail store in the Middle East despite the fact that its products are quite popular in the region. It was reported in August last year that the company is going to open a store in the Middle East come 2015, and the location was later revealed to be Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Already known as the home of everything “world’s largest,” according to a […]

Apple Watch May Soon Let You Shop From The Apple Store
There are apps available right now for people who want to shop using the Apple Watch, as one tech reviewer found out as he accidently purchased an Xbox One while filming an Apple Watch demo. Aside from Amazon, Target is yet another major retailer that lets people purchase stuff using their smartwatch. A new report claims that Apple’s first smartwatch may soon allow you to purchase products from the Apple […]

Apple Watch Retail Stock Expected To Be Limited At Launch
Apple is going to start accepting pre-orders for the Apple Watch on April 10th. That’s also the day when it will allow people to head over to its retail stores and try the wearable device on for 15 minutes. There have already been reports about manufacturing issues which could bring about supply shortages. A report published today claims that in-store inventory is expected to be very limited on launch day.

Purported Apple Store Kit For Testing In-Ear Headphones Seen In Leaked Photo
It was reported recently that Apple Stores might soon allow customers to test in-ear headphones before they purchase them. Apple will have to come up with a solution which ensures that customers don’t feel uncomfortable when testing in-ear headphones, because obviously the process has a tendency of getting unsanitary, so customers need to be shielded from that. A picture has been leaked online which shows the purported kit Apple will […]

You Will Get 15 Minutes To Play With The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is the first truly “new” product that is coming to the company’s stores in quite a long time. Naturally Apple has to make some adjustments to the retail experience so that it can properly pitch the device to people who walk into its stores. New information suggests that the company will allow people 15 minute slots during which they can play with an Apple Watch unit before […]

Apple’s Spring Forward Launch Sees Temporary Closure Of Apple Store
Here we are again – the standard modus operandi of Cupertino has kicked in, with Apple’s Spring Forward set to happen in just a few minutes, which means that the Apple Store would have been online for some time now – at least until the Spring Forward event is over, and the Apple Store is reopened, fully refreshed with a slew of new products. Does this mean we will be […]

Apple To Introduce 'Concierge' For Streamlining Genius Bar Appointments
Apple is reportedly going to make a major shift in the way it handles Genius Bar appointments. For those who don’t know, the company has a Genius Bar in its retail stores where technicians are on hand to help users facing problems with their devices. According to a report during the week of March 9th Apple is going to introduce a new program called “the new Concierge,” which will replace the […]

Apple Reportedly Has Three New Stores Planned For New York
Apple’s retail expansion continues at home and abroad. Recently we have been hearing about the stores that Apple is opening up in China. Its a lucrative market no doubt and Apple is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that customers head over to its stores when they want to purchase one of its products. According to a new report three new Apple Stores have been planned for New York and two […]

Apple Store Goes Back Online In Russia With Inflated Prices
We did bring you word last week on how the constantly weakening Russian ruble has resulted in constant adjustments in the Apple Store in that part of the world – which led to a shut down of its services. It looks like things have stabilized somewhat, with Apple finally opening up its Apple Store in Russia again, although they have made some rather sharp upward adjustments to the pricing of […]