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Apple Intends To Build 25 More Apple Stores In China
Apple has certainly done very well for itself over the years, and this particular technology juggernaut does not look as though they are about to stop or slow down anytime soon. In fact, there is word that Apple intends to triple the total number of its stores over in China, where it would mean we now have additional detail concerning such plans. China happens to be the third largest country […]

Middle East Could Get An Apple Store
It goes without saying that an Apple product is more often than not described to be a device which costs a premium over other similarly built brands, and it is Apple’s design and marketing that seems to give it that edge, or the ‘X factor’ over its competitors. In fact, the numerous Apple Stores that have been set up across the world have more often than not been in posh […]

Apple Store Customer Complains Of Homophobic Slur On Receipt
An Apple Store customer from Portland has stepped forward to claim that he has been insulted by an Apple Store employee, as the latter had typed a homophobic slur on his receipt. Adam Catanzarite, who happens to be an HIV prevention specialist with Cascade AIDS Project, put up a snapshot of the alleged Apple Store receipt that you can see on the right, where there were the characters “” located […]

Apple Store Revenue Declined In March
You know what they say – nothing lasts forever, although diamonds might want to dispute that. A bunch of the latest figures from Needham analyst Charlie Wolf have pointed to a decline of as much as 5% in revenue generated by Apple Stores for the month of March, which is in stark contrast to a 3% increase in sales during Christmas last year. Is this going to develop into a […]


Apple Opens 10th Retail Store In Mainland China Tomorrow
China is a very lucrative market and Apple has been working hard to get a bigger piece of the pie. It faces tough competition there, not only from its main rival Samsung, but also from local vendors who make some of the most popular and best selling smartphones in the country. Despite that, China accounted for over 15 percent of Apple’s sales last year. The company has a good momentum […]

Thieves Rob Apple Store In Berlin, Crash Car Into Front Door
It wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that thieves prefer Apple devices. The company makes some of the most sought after devices in the world, and people are definitely willing to pay money. A number of Apple retail stores have been robbed in the past as well, the latest heist has taken place in Berlin, Germany. Thieves smashed a car into the store’s front door, grabbed whatever they could and sped […]

Apple Stores Feature Red Colored Logo For World AIDS Day
Every year, World AIDS Day is observed on December 1st, where it is meant to help draw additional awareness among the general public concerning the seemingly never ending battle against the twin terrors of HIV and AIDS. Apple has nodded towards World AIDS Day by changing the color of their Apple Store logos to red, while some of the Apple Stores also took the extra step of using existing display […]

Tim Cook Decides Against Opening Apple Retail Stores On Thanksgiving
We picked up on a rumor about a week ago that Apple might open several of its retail stores on Thanksgiving. Apparently the company’s retail marketing directors were pushing for this decision to capture the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping fever, joining retailers like Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, WalMart and a few others who will be opening up stores on the holiday. Apple was reportedly going to open several stores in […]

Apple Store App For iPad Revealed At Last
It goes without saying that when it comes to viewing real estate, bigger tends to be a whole lot better for most of us. After all, that could be the very reason as to why phablets have started to be a whole lot more trendy than ever before, and this market segment is not showing any signs of slowing down along the way. Having said that, the Apple iPad has […]

Apple Store Goes Down Worldwide, iPad Mini With Retina Display Coming Soon?
You know that the inevitable was going to happen when Apple introduced the iPad Air as well as the iPad mini with Retina display not too long ago, and that would be the respective devices appearing on Apple’s online store in due time. Cupertino’s modus operandi works this way – the moment a particular device is about to be introduced and made available online, the whole Apple Store would be […]

First Apple Retail Store In Brazil To Open Early Next Year
Almost an year ago Apple confirmed that it would open an official retail store in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Though it didn’t exactly say when the store will be opened. Almost a year down the road there’s no official word about the progress of Brazil’s first ever Apple Retail Store. A new report suggests that the store might be opened up early next year, just in time for the 2014 […]

Apple Reportedly Expanding iPhone Trade-In Program Beyond The U.S.
It was rumored back in August that Apple was going to launch an iPhone trade-in program of its own. Third party retailers had offered such programs for quite some time, this was believed to be Tim Cook’s move to increase iPhone sales being made at the company’s own retail stores. Apple launched the program that month, allowing customers with older models to trade-in their smartphones. Up till now the program […]

Apple Awarded Patent For Shanghai Store's Glass Cylinder Entrance
A number of Apple Retail Stores around the world have amazing design and architecture. At home, New York’s infamous Fifth Avenue store is one of them, and so is the store in Shanghai, China. A glass cylinder leads customers down to the Apple Retail Store in Shanghai, the company has now been awarded a patent for this design. The patent is called Glass building panel and building made therefrom, and it describes […]

Apple Store Shuts Down Prior To iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Event
Apple sent out invites for an event to take place on September 10 just last week, with pretty much everyone speculating some new iPhones will be announced during the event which we have seen leaked information and photos of both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in the past. Apple’s big event is taking place in just a few short hours, which means now would be the ideal time to take down […]