Articles about army (page 2)

Winter gloves play nice with touchscreen devices
US Army tests new supersonic weapon
ZEUS Laser detonates mines from afar
Australian soldiers to be powered by the sun
SkyCase offers solar power in a suitcase convenience
Remote controlled toy truck saves the lives of 6 soldiers
CounterBomber might spot suicide bombers from afar
US Soldier Makes App That Tracks Down Taliban Fighters
US military to make use of special eyewear for calling in airstrikes
Urban Photonic Sandtable Display 3D system makes it fun to be in the army
TiaLinx Cougar20-H is the ultimate surveillance bot
Wars may be fought with invisible tanks in the future
US Army makes Judge Dredd-style smartgun a standard issue by 2014
Military iPad App Makes War Look Like A Video Game
Will Wars Be Taken Underground With The Robotic Underground Munition?
Big Dog gets weaponized
Military robot makes short work of walls