US Army Soldiers Could Get Tiny Drones Soon

Drones are far more than just to capture scenic shots of your surroundings, or to deliver a torrent of hellfire onto the enemy behind their lines, as they would also be able to help you snap some pretty unique selfies without the need for a selfie stick. Well, it seems that the military will soon get a new application for drones, as US Army soldiers are said to be on […]

Army Patents Bullets That Can Self-Destruct

On the open battlefield where you know that it’s more or less you and your enemy, you won’t have to worry about shooting civilians. However because sometimes combat can take place in cities and towns where civilians are staying, a stray bullet can injure or kill civilians unintentionally. However this is something that the US Army is hoping to change.

Army Showcases Blimp Airship That Could Help Detect Cruise Missiles

The U.S. Army does have a fair number of ”toys” to play around with, where you can be sure that all of these “toys” would come in handy on the battlefield – as well as in passive defense. In fact, they have just revealed an airship that resembles that of a blimp, where this particular airship was specially designed to assist the military in detecting and destroying cruise missiles that […]

US Army Rocket Explodes Post Launch, Carried Experimental Weapon

It does not take too long for one to be able to figure out that in life, there will be curveballs thrown our way whether we like it or not. What is more important would be how we deal with such tricky situations that could end up as a banana peel disaster. Well, one of the latest negative news to have filtered down to the masses concerning the military would […]


Robot Minesweeper Could Prevent Loss Of Life

There are many departments or areas that one will be able to contribute to the military, although those who are on the field, so to speak, do experience a whole lot more elements of danger than their counterparts sitting comfortably from the command center. This means there is value and wisdom in sending a robot to do a soldier’s work – and drones in theaters of war have proved effective […]

Army Developing Helmet With Built-in Air Conditioning

Wearing a helmet can get pretty stuffy, not to mention possibly even quite smelly too, but it looks like the army has come up with a solution – a helmet with a built-in respirator. As you can see in the image above, the futuristic-looking helmet is currently a work in progress in the army and it’s essentially a helmet that can help keep its wearer cool and poison-free at the […]

TrackingPoint Offers U.S. Army Smart Rifle Technology

The U.S. Army is an efficient organization that thrives on discipline and an unwavering sense of patriotism. This would also mean plenty of budget has been allocated to them to make sure that the homeland remains safe from threats, external and internal, while helping keep the peace abroad as well. There is just something visceral about being on the ground in a battle, and snipers are revered as war heroes, […]

Priora Hopes To See Maveric Drone In Action For The US Army

If you so happen to be in the US Army, I am quite sure that there are plenty of “toys” to play with, and these are more or less a whole lot more lethal and potent than just mere fireworks. Drones have been playing quite an important role in the military for quite some time now, as they are able to scout an area beforehand without having to put the […]

Squids Could Inspire New Camouflage Clothing For Soldiers

When it comes to advancements in the world of science, I guess we definitely have to hand it to nature for being the undisputed king of inspiration. One of the best camouflage exponents in the natural world would be the nimble squid, who is so notorious for blending into their surroundings (not to mention having an arsenal of defenses to boot), that they make a chameleon look like an amateur. […]

Robot Octopus Developed By Army

The Army certainly wants to get ahead of the competition where cool devices are concerned, and this time around, they will continue to use nature as their source of inspiration, creating self-sealing suction cups for robots that are similar in nature to those you find on an octopus. This unique design hails from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center and University of Maryland scientists, where it boasts […]

US Army looks to seizure weapon inspired by Pokemon

Remember an episode of the cartoon Pokemon which caused seizures in over 600 Japanese children back in 1997? Well, it seems that the US Army was inspired by that particular “episode”, pardon the pun, and intend to harness the phenomenon of seizures for a new, non-lethal weapon. The kind of gun that the US Army intends to develop would be one that is capable of triggering a seizure in “100 […]

US Army tests female body armor in Afghanistan

Sometime in July earlier this year, we ran a story on how the US Army was working on a new body armor that was specially developed to fit the female body, which is definitely a good idea since the male and female physiological make-up are different in their own unique ways. Having said that, female soldiers from Fort Campbell who are deploying to Afghanistan will have the honor of field […]

The U.S Army $5B pixel pattern is a FAIL

Here are your tax dollars hard at work: after years of use in the field of two major wars, and heavy criticism from a number of troops which claim that the pattern makes them actually more visible, the Army has decided to stop using the pixel “camo” pattern used on its uniforms. It is similar to the Marines MARPAT (MARine PATern) which was introduced around 2002 in the field. In […]

i-Tactical Wheeled Vehicle inspired by iPhone

The Army as definitely taken a positive look at the Apple iPhone, citing the design of the Army’s next truck as “smart, flexible, user-friendly, partially autonomous and affordable”. Ah well, with austerity measures being introduced to different governments worldwide, it makes perfect sense for the Army to have a more prudent approach in spending the taxpayers’ money. Their future truck would be modeled after the Apple iPhone’s qualities, calling it […]