You have no idea what kind of gear that our boys and girls in uniform have to tote around, and needless to say in this technologically advanced era, most of their gear would require some manner to power it. When you’re on the battlefield, however, it might be rather tricky getting juice when required – hence SkyBuilt Power from Virginia coming up with the SkyCase and the SkyPAK for the US Army. Both of them will work in tandem, where the former is a power storage and management module. According to SkyBuilt, the SkyCase will come in a “weatherproof, crushproof and dustproof” case which can be wheeled around like a traveler’s luggage – heck, you can even check it in at airports if you want to.

The lithium ion batteries inside the SkyCase will feature sophisticated power management and safety features, where among them include graceful degradation, and short circuit/overload protection. There is an LCD read-out panel located on the case’s exterior, where it will let you know of information concerning the battery’s status during charging and discharging cycles.

The SkyPAK Portable Array Kits will work with the SkyCase, being fold-out crystalline solar arrays which are said to be twice as powerful compared to the traditional solar blanket. Since it comes in an accordion design, it is extremely deployable in a jiffy. If both of these devices take off in a big way, you can kiss goodbye to noisy diesel generators that generate an even larger carbon footprint than expected.

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