There is this disturbing issue of suicide bombers who have a very realistic opportunity to blow up strategic installations whether at home or abroad, so perhaps it is time to include various methods to prevent such cold-blooded murders from happening in the future. The CounterBomber is a brainchild of the Science, Engineering and Technology Corporation (SET), having been awarded a $48.2 million contract by the Army to develop a special kind of machine which is able to scan individuals from afar, confirming whether they are carrying bombs or not.

Over 40 locations in Iraq and Afghanistan will be receiving the $300,000 CounterBomber. Just how does this puppy work? Well, it enlists the help of a couple of video cameras that are capable of tracking and detecting individuals automatically whenever they walk near the system. This is made possible thanks to low-level radar beams that are aimed at them, where the computer will analyze the reflected beams via a series of algorithms.

Once a threat is detected, a red symbol will show up, while a horn sounds in the process. If one is considered to be a no-threat, then the symbol will turn green. Hopefully it has a 100% accuracy rate, as anything less than that would still reflect a potentially fatal risk.

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