Cougar20-HTiaLinx has a new security bot that is built to detect humans. It is lightweight, remote-controlled, and packed with the latest sensor technology that ensures nothing escapes it detection. It can detect human breathing and scan through walls with an ultra-wideband radio frequency sensor array. Developed with funding from the army, it can even scan through reinforced concrete by detecting reflected radio waves – people who are moving or keeping still have no chance against it. It was developed for the military to scan buildings without having to enter it, thus protecting soldiers from entering into ambushes or traps. It features multi cameras that the robot operator can look through, making it a useful surveillance bot, no matter if it’s night or day. The Cougar20-H will be shipped out next month, but don’t expect it to fall into the hands of general consumers. But I doubt anybody would want a robot this scary around the house anyway.

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