Articles about artificial intelligence (page 2)

Lexus's Latest Ad Was Scripted Entirely By Artificial Intelligence
China's State Press Agency Gets It First 'AI Anchor'
Google Announced AI for Social Good Program
First AI Portrait Sold By Christie’s For $432,500
MIT's AI Accurately Identifies Breast Cancer Like A Radiologist Would
M.I.T Is Creating A $1 Billion Artificial Intelligence College
Qualcomm's Next Flagship Processor Might Have A Dedicated NPU
'Google Coach' Wearable Fitness Assistant Reportedly Being Developed
Someone Made A Robot To Find Waldo In Where's Waldo
Tech Leaders Promise Not To Develop AI Weapon Systems
Adobe To Catch Photoshopped Images With Artificial Intelligence
NVIDIA's AI Can Create Convincing Slow Motion Videos
Microsoft's AI Bot Can Make Phone Calls To Humans As Well
Bank Of America Launches Erica, Its Own AI Assistant
Chinese School Will Use Facial Recognition To Catch Napping Students
Robert Downey Jr. And YouTube Red Making A Series On Artificial Intelligence
Google Photos Uses AI To Bring One-Tap Actions
Smart Compose In Gmail Enables Predictive Email Drafting
Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Cautions Against Artificial Intelligence Threats
AlterEgo Lets You Control Smart Devices Like A Cyborg