The standard ATM machine isn’t exactly smart – after all, it requires you to input the relevant PIN number and is more of a passive player than an active element. Nice to know that us humans are never happy or satisfied with where we are, hence Sberbank of Russian have come up with a new ATM design that will do away with the need for customers to talk to humans, since it has the smarts to function like the average lie detector, where it will measure emotional distress and nervousness as well as analyzing the “shape” of your voice through vibration detection of your speech. 


Other security measures will include 3D facial mapping and recognition alongside fingerprint scanning in the future, intending to make this a truly secure machine to prevent any form of fraud. This security measure will work in tandem with an existing customer’s credit card as well as history so that one can prove his/her identity when using said machine.

Up next, an ATM machine that is capable of serving you a choice of latte, cappuccino or mocha.

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