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August’s New WiFi Smart Lock Is Now Available For Purchase
There are plenty of smart locks in the market today, but one of the more popular brands would be August. This is because the company’s smart locks are easy to install and does not require users to remove their old locks, instead it just sits on top of an existing (and compatible) lock, making installation a breeze.

August Halts View Smart Doorbell Sales After A Couple Of Weeks
Last month, August announced their new View smart doorbell where one of the highlights of the device was that it was wireless. This meant that users did not have to perform any particular complex installations to get it up and working. Unfortunately, it seems that the device has experienced one too many connectivity issues for the company to halt its sales.

August View Smart Wireless Doorbell Announced
August is no stranger to creating smart doorbells, having launched several such devices in the past. However earlier this year, it was reported that the company has a new smart doorbell in the works that would be sporting a brand new design. If you were after such a device, you’re in luck as August has since announced the August View.

Yale And August Unveil New HomeKit Enabled Smart Locks
#CES2019 – Yale and August aren’t new faces when it comes to smart locks for the home, and at CES 2019, both companies have teamed up to create a couple of new smart locks that are also HomeKit enabled, meaning that you’ll be able to use your iOS device to control them remotely or with your voice.


New, Redesigned August Smart Doorbell In The Works
If you weren’t particularly impressed with the design of August’s smart doorbell, then you’ll be pleased to learn that a new and redesigned upgrade could be in the works. This is according to a report from Zatz Not Funny who discovered that a potentially newly redesigned smart doorbell from August is being developed (or has already been developed).

Yale To Start Selling Locks With August’s Auto-Unlock Tech
For those looking to equip their homes with smart locks, then August is a company that you might have heard of. What the company is known for is an auto-unlock module that can sit on top of existing locks, meaning that you don’t need to know how to replace a lock on a door in order to install it.

August Releases New Auto-Connect Feature For Its Smart Locks
If you are a user of August’s smart locks, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently issued an update for its smart locks where it will be gaining a new feature called Auto-Connect. What this feature does is that it automatically detects if you’re standing at your door or if you’re accessing it remotely.

August’s Smart Doorbells Now Offer Free 24 Hour Video Recordings
Given how big video files are, it would require users to have massive memory cards if they want their home security cameras to be recording 24/7. Alternatively this data could be stored in the cloud by the companies who sold the system, which unfortunately does come with a cost. However August is sweetening the deal for its customers.

August Doorbell Cam Pro Announced With New Features
If you’re worried about who’s ringing your doorbell and who might have come to your front door while you are not home, there are quite a few camera options out there in the market today, such as the Nest Cam Outdoor, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, August might have you covered as well.

August Unveils New Smart Locks For Your Home
A lot of smart locks out there for your home can be a bit troublesome to install if you’re not particularly handy or familiar with the process. That’s one advantage that August has over the competition, which is that it makes installation a cinch as it basically replaces your existing inside lock with the smart lock, meaning you won’t have to dismantle the entire thing.

August Smart Lock Now Works With Apple’s ‘Home’ App
There are a variety of smart locks available in the market today, but if there was one lock that was unique was the August Smart Lock (which we reviewed back in 2014). It is unique in the sense that installing it is a relatively painless experience without any drilling or locksmithing experience required.

August Smart Locks Adds More Peace Of Mind
A man’s home is his castle – and with that expression, it goes without saying that castles themselves should be well defended and secure. After all, that’s what castles are meant to be in the medieval times, right? August Inc. intends to make the modern day castle more secure, by introducing a new home smart lock system. This home smart lock system is known as August Access, where it will […]

August Smart Lock Now Works With The Apple Watch
For those who are unfamiliar, smart locks are basically a more hi-tech lock where instead of relying on a key, you can use your smartphone to unlock it. Granted there are locks that use key cards, but with smart locks, you can use it with an app and share the “key” with your guests, change access on the fly, and so on.The August smart lock is a perfect example of […]