If you are a user of August’s smart locks, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently issued an update for its smart locks where it will be gaining a new feature called Auto-Connect. What this feature does is that it automatically detects if you’re standing at your door or if you’re accessing it remotely.


This isn’t exactly a major new feature, but it does add a level of convenience and quality of life to users of the company’s smart locks. According to August, “Previously, when you wanted to check the status of your lock or let someone in remotely, you had to tap the remote connect button and wait for the lock to connect to Wi-Fi.”

“Now that connection happens automatically when you open the lock screen in your August app. No more waiting for a connection or wondering if you locked the door when you left the house – you can instantly confirm your door is locked from the August app.” However it should be noted that the feature is only available for the August Smart Lock Pro and August Smart Lock (3rd generation), so if you’re using an older August smart lock then we guess you’ll be out of luck.

Users are also required to own one of the company’s WiFi bridges in order for it to work.

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