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GTA: San Andreas Now Backwards Compatible With Xbox One
Many great titles released for the Xbox 360 are already backwards compatible with the Xbox One which means that owners of the current-generation console can simply pop in the disc and start playing their favorite titles from years gone by once again. Rockstar has now announced that it’s going to add three more titles to the list by making three of its classic games backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Street Fighter 4 Joins Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games
Microsoft has expanded the choice of available games for Xbox One owners quite a bit by offering backwards compatible titles. These are Xbox 360 games that have been patched up to provide an even better experience on the current-generation console. Hundreds of games are now on this list that continues to grow. Microsoft has added a handful of new games to this list and Street Fighter 4 happens to be […]

Hitman: Absolution Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Confirmed
Microsoft is gradually bringing some of the best games that were released for the Xbox 360 over to the Xbox One thanks to the magic of backwards compatibility. We recently saw Grand Theft Auto 4 being added to the list of titles that can now be played on the current-generation console. Make room for one more on that list because it has now been confirmed that Hitman: Absolution can be […]

GTA 4 Xbox One Frame-Pacing Issues Being Investigated
Microsoft continues to bring some great Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. It confirmed last week that Grand Theft Auto 4 was now backwards compatible with the Xbox One. However, it’s not uncommon for these titles to experience technical issues on the current-generation console and while not much can be done about them, Microsoft has confirmed that it’s looking into the GTA 4 Xbox one frame-pacing […]


Tekken 6 Gets Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One
Microsoft has made three additional games backwards compatible on the Xbox One and there’s a treat in there for Tekken fans.Tekken 6 is now backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Tekken 6 is arguably one of the biggest games in the popular Tekken franchise and is much loved by millions of fans across the globe. The other two games on the list include Midway Arcade Origins and Mutant Storm Empire.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Backwards Compatible On Xbox One
Many of you will have played the original Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox 360. It was released several years ago and was a very popular game back in its day. Since Xbox One has the ability to run Xbox 360 games some of you would have been wishing for it to become compatible with Xbox One, and now it has. Major Nelson confirmed today that the original Call of […]

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets Support For Multi-Disc Games
Xbox One has a unique feature which enables the console to run games originally created for the Xbox 360, provided that the developers add support for this feature. There are dozens of backwards compatible games available for the Xbox One currently and more are being added to the list rapidly. It turns out that Microsoft has quietly added support for multi-disc games to the backwards compatibility feature as well.

Xbox One Gets Five Additional Backwards Compatible Titles
Backwards compatibility is a great feature of the Xbox One, it enables players to play Xbox 360 games which have received support for this feature. There are dozens of Xbox 360 games that are now playable on Xbox One, and that list has expanded ever so slightly today with the addition of five more backwards compatible games for Xbox One.

Xbox One Gets 16 New Backwards Compatible Titles
Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that by November 2015 the Xbox One will be able to play games that were initially released for Xbox One courtesy of the backwards compatibility feature. The feature was launched last month with 100 titles supporting it at launch. Ahead of the holidays Microsoft has now confirmed that an additional 16 Xbox 360 titles are now backwards compatible on the Xbox One.