Microsoft has made three additional games backwards compatible on the Xbox One and there’s a treat in there for Tekken fans.Tekken 6 is now backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Tekken 6 is arguably one of the biggest games in the popular Tekken franchise and is much loved by millions of fans across the globe. The other two games on the list include Midway Arcade Origins and Mutant Storm Empire.

Tekken 6 was first released for the Xbox 360 in 2013. The roster of characters is going to be very familiar to those who have played any game in the Tekken franchise. This happens to be the second Xbox 360 title in this franchise that is now playable on the Xbox One. The first was Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Those who are interested, they can now download Tekken 6 from the Xbox Marketplace for $15. The game is going to be just as they remember playing it on the Xbox 360.

Midway Arcade Origins is also backwards compatible now. It has more than 30 classic Midway arcade games such as Rampage and Pit-Fighter all for $20. Those who want to experience a multi-directional shooter game should go for Mutant Storm Empire which promises some fun gameplay. Both of these games are available on the Xbox Marketplace for $20 and $10 respectively.

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