Xbox One has a unique feature which enables the console to run games originally created for the Xbox 360, provided that the developers add support for this feature. There are dozens of backwards compatible games available for the Xbox One currently and more are being added to the list rapidly. It turns out that Microsoft has quietly added support for multi-disc games to the backwards compatibility feature as well.

Microsoft has quietly added multi-disc games support to backwards compatibility starting with Deux Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut. It has flipped the switch on this feature following concerns that the Xbox One might not be able to emulate the Xbox 360 to run games that require multiple discs. Clearly that’s not the case here.

The company may not have made an announcement of support for multi-disc games in backwards compatibility but it did confirm on Reddit that the backwards compatibility team found a way to make this work. “I can confirm that the BC team has done work to support multi-disc scenarios,” Larry Hryb a.k.a Major Nelson wrote on Reddit.

The games that are being made for Xbox One don’t come on multiple-discs, so those who just want to play new games don’t have to concern themselves with this, but those Xbox 360 fans who still want to play multi-disc games originally released for Microsoft’s second console, well now they can do that on the Xbox One.

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