Microsoft is gradually bringing some of the best games that were released for the Xbox 360 over to the Xbox One thanks to the magic of backwards compatibility. We recently saw Grand Theft Auto 4 being added to the list of titles that can now be played on the current-generation console. Make room for one more on that list because it has now been confirmed that Hitman: Absolution can be played on Xbox One starting today.


Microsoft launched backwards compatibility for the Xbox One about a year ago. Back then the list only had a couple of dozen titles but the company promised that it would continue to expand it in the months to come. Microsoft has stuck to its word and every month we see a couple of Xbox 360 titles getting support for the newer console.

The list of backwards compatible titles for Xbox One now contains more than 300 games. Hitman: Absolution sees the world’s best assassin Agent 47 fly across the globe to take part in risky missions to assassinate high-profile targets. It’s quite fun. If you’re looking for an even better gameplay experience, go for the current episodic Hitman game that recently completed its first season.

Those who own Hitman: Absolution already can start playing it immediately on the Xbox One by either inserting the disc or downloading it from the Xbox Store. Those who don’t own it can purchase it from the Xbox 360 Marketplace for $20.

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